100-year-old Borracchini’s Bakery, a traditional Seattle destination, is closed for good

100-year-old Borracchini’s Bakery, a traditional Seattle destination, is closed for good

After 100 years of selling spectacular cakes for weddings and office parties, Borracchini’s landmark Bakery & Mediterranean Market on Rainier Avenue South announced on Saturday that it was finally closed.

The pandemic has destroyed another business – this one, a destination for generations of Seattle leaders who couldn’t resist the sweet offerings while immersing themselves in tradition.

“… We are in the party business. The problem with this is that over the past year no one has gathered to have these parties. It was of course devastating for our business, ”said the family on the bakery’s Facebook page.

In a Seattle Times story dated August 22, 1993, Remo Borracchini – now 90 – said he was born eight blocks from the bakery.

Business was good.

“We make up to 150 birthday cakes a day. And around 110 wedding cakes every weekend. Last Saturday we made 125 wedding cakes and I found that 13,780 people ate our wedding cakes in Seattle that day, ”he told Times restaurant critic John Hinterberger.

The company was recently run by his three daughters Lisa Desimone, Mimi Norris and Nannette Heye.

On Friday night, Heye said they were still undecided about their options. The closure was announced on Saturday.

“We have the best customers in the world,” she said.

Within 45 minutes of this Facebook posting, over 300 comments were posted from people who remember the Italian shop well:

“Nooooooo! Our family has been coming to your bakery since it was founded. Every wedding, every birthday and everything came from your bakery. Are you sure there is nothing the community can do to keep your doors open? “

“This is heartbreaking! Remo sat down with my husband and I when we were there to choose our wedding cake. We talked about cake and marriage. At the wedding everyone raved about the fact that this was the best cake they ever had. ♡ and that really was it. “

“I’ve been to Borracchini since my family moved from LA to Seattle in 1977. I was 11 years old and have been enjoying the bakery ever since. I always felt familiar when I walked in because it has never changed much … and I found that very positive! “

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