20 iconic Seattle buildings – Curbed Seattle

20 iconic Seattle buildings - Curbed Seattle

The Pacific Science Center, then the US Science Exhibit, 1962. | Courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives, Article No. 73098

When you think of the Seattle skyline, you think of the largest and most eye-catching such as the Space Needle or Columbia Tower. However, there are a few buildings, eras and styles in the city that add uniquely to the structure of the place.

Seattle is a veritable cornucopia of architectural styles, and many of them are related to our industrial booms. For example, we’re teeming with early 20th century gold rush buildings – think mostly of Pioneer Square – and mid-century aerospace-era gems, like the futuristic buildings from the Century 21 Exposition.

While the current Amazon boom is at an all-time high, we’ve been riding the tech boom for some time and have received some interesting additions to the landscape, like the downtown library and the Frank Gehry-designed Museum of Popular Kultur.

Here are 22 iconic buildings that define Seattle in one way or another. (Next to the Space Needle. Everyone knows the Space Needle.)

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