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Roofing Material Options - What's new with Residential Roofing Materials

Nov 26

Roofing Material Options - What's new with Residential Roofing Materials

By Greenville Roofing Masters

Your home's roof can serve two purposes: it provides shelter and protection, as well as aesthetic appeal. How do you know which materials are best for your house, from tiles and roofing to solar panels and greener options? Here's a look into the latest trends in residential roofing materials as well as some predictions for the future.


  • Cool or White roofing


Many people are starting to look into cool roofing. It is a reflective roof that allows heat from the sun to reflect off the roof. If you live or work in a hot climate, a cool roof (or white roofing) can help to reduce electricity costs.


  • Green Roofing


The United States is slowly embracing green roofs. Green roofs require waterproofing and efficient drainage. Gutter use is required. A green roof's lifespan is nearly endless, but there are many factors to consider before making a decision.


  • Roofing Tiles


Roofing tiles have been growing in popularity because of their low price and beautiful appearance. Roof tiles are more durable than asphalt roofing shingles by up to 25 years, as opposed to asphalt shingles which can last only 15 years.


  • Slate Roofing


Many homeowners prefer slate roofs, as they are durable. While slate roofs are expensive and can last for a long time, this roofing material is also very affordable.


Learning how to properly erect a roof on a house can save you thousands of dollars.


  • Solar Panels


While solar might be more expensive upfront than the long-term savings, it could prove to be worthwhile. Solar roofing materials are becoming cheaper as consumers look to save energy. If your home has a south-facing orientation, solar power might be an option.


  • Flat roofs


The popularity of modern design means that there are more flat roofing options available. PVC and TPO textiles have made flat roofing much more durable than ten decades ago. Flat roofs are less expensive than regular asphalt shingles and require little maintenance.


  • Roofing Underlayment


The transformation from asphalt felts into synthetic underlayment is a significant breakthrough in underlayment over the past decade. Synthetic underlayment, in both wet and dry environments, is safer to use. Synthetic is also stronger and lasts longer than natural leather.


  • Color Trends


In the coming years, rooftops will take on more color. Roofs in vibrant red and deep blue, as well black, will become more popular as exterior colors.


  • Red Metal, Fire-Resistant

Recent years have seen fireproofing and fire-resistant roofing materials take center stage. Metal roofing panels or metal roofs are an excellent choice to resist fire. A homeowner's discount may be available if you opt for a metal roof.


  • Weathering the Storm


To find out which roofs can withstand hurricanes, researchers have tried different kinds of roofs. Although no roofing material or style will guarantee it will survive a severe storm, however, data suggests that a square home with multiple panels and a roof that is multi-ply will have the best results.


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