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How to Kill Roof Moss

Nov 28

How to Kill Roof Moss


Although roof moss might look lovely in small cottages, it can cause significant damage to your home's roof and roofing system. The moss can cause damage to your roof and undermine the structure of your home. Moss can even impact your family's health. It is possible to extend the life span of your roof and protect your family’s health by taking proactive measures such as moss removal and hiring a roofing firm Marietta GA.


Follow these steps to eliminate roof moss from your home and save money on repairs


  • Roof Moss Controls That Actually Work


Moss loves to grow in cracks and crevices that are between roof shingles. These low-maintenance plants thrive where moisture collects such as on north-facing roofs. While moss doesn’t need much light or nourishment it does require moisture. Even a small amount of moss on a roof can quickly cause problems in humid areas that have mild winters and foggy days.


If not managed, roof moss will grow to a thick, sturdy covering. A moss-covered roof acts as a sponge, taking in moisture from both below and above it and keeping it moist. The moss grows beneath the shingle edges and can cause damage to the layers below. The damage continues, from shingles to frayed framework and rotten underlayments. The mold that poses a threat to your health can grow through walls and affect living areas. It spreads through cracks and crevices.


  • Roof Moss Controls That Actually Work

It is important to use roof-specific chemicals when treating roof moss. Mosses are not like other plants. This means that weed killers and home remedies won't be of any help. Also, grass moss-killing treatment should be kept on the lawn and not on your roof. Many lawn moss products that contain iron compounds naturally leave streaks. Roof moss killers should be fast and effective without corroding your gutters or staining your roof.


Roof moss treatment that is effective does not hold water the way lawn moss controllers do. Roof moss dies after it dries and turns black. Roof moss treatment solutions that are both non-staining but highly effective can be found in both liquid and dry formulas.


Roofs & Walks are available in two sizes to treat small and large roofs: a ready-to-spray spray mix and a concentrated affordable solution. These highly effective moss solutions are made from ammoniated soap containing fatty acids. They can be used quickly to eliminate roof moss. Within a matter of hours, you will see results. You should always read the product label before you use it. Double-check to make sure that your shingle or gutter materials are identified on the label. You should cover any plants located below the roofline during application. You can rinse the plants with water if any product gets on the leaves. Moss is often found on roofs with trees overhanging.


  • Roof Moss: How do you treat it and prevent it from happening?


Roof moss can be treated at its peak development. Moss develops slowly in summer, but it explodes when there are mild winters, fall rains, and the beginning of spring. Roof moss treatment should be completed before the fall rains begin. You will get the best results if the moss remains damp. But, it is possible to expect rain for only a few more days.


If you can, use a rake to remove extra moss. The upper layers of dense and thick moss provide protection for the bottom layer. Sprinkle dry formulations on the roof ridges of pitched roofs so that you are able to safely walk. Rain will wash away the product and cover any lower parts. You can simply use a liquid mixture with a pump-style sprayer and cover any roof surfaces that aren’t safe for walking on.


  • Rain will sweep away dead moose when it dies.


A brush or rake can be used to speed up this process. You can prevent moss growth by treating your roof annually just before the rainy seasons. Leaves and other debris should not be allowed to collect on roofs or gutters. They can trap moisture and encourage the growth of moss.


Roof moss can be prevented from causing damage and could save you money. Protect your family's investment and your home by taking measures to get rid of roof moss.


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