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Nov 28

There are silent signs that your roof is failing

These are common symptoms that can be fixed easily at a low cost. You will make your roof last longer and save money.


  • Plumbing Vent Boots that Have Been Damaged


There are many options for plumbing vent boots, such as pure plastic, metal, and two-piece versions. Inspect the bases of any plastic pipes for cracks or damaged seams. Next, examine the rubber boot around the pipe. The rubber boot that surrounds the pipe can become worn or decayed, which could allow water to seep into the house. You should replace your vent boot if you experience any of these problems. If the boot is in good shape and the nails are missing or pulled out of the base, replace them with rubber-washers screws.


  • Stains on the Ceiling


Leaky roofs are most likely the cause of water spots that run down walls or across ceilings. It is difficult to find the leak, but roof leak repair is often simple. We will show you how to find and repair most types of roof leaks with simple techniques. Even if the roof leak isn’t causing any problems or you are replacing your roof in the next year, it is important to fix it immediately. In a very short time, small leaks can lead to major problems like mold, rotten frames and sheathings, loss of insulation, and damaged ceilings.


  • Shiners


If you don't see any obvious flow lines or ceiling stain, look for shiners on the roof's bottom. A shiner is a nail that didn't pass through the framing member. The moisture from the lower rooms condenses onto cold nails and escapes to the attic. This could be noticeable if you venture up to your attic on cold nights. The nails will appear white because they are covered in frost. When the attic is warm during the day, the frost melts and drips, and then the nails freeze up at night. To solve the problem, simply snip the nail using side-cutting scissors.


  • Shingles that are damaged


Unsightly shingle rips can be a sign of a potential leak. It's easy to repair if you can find matching roofing shingles (and aren't afraid of heights), or hire roofing Las Cruces.


  • Filthy and clogged soffits


For your home's safety, attic ventilation is vital. The process begins with the inhalation of outside air through soffit ventilation. These vents create an airflow that transfers warm attic air to the roof vents. Air usually enters the soffit through an air chute or another hole on the underside. Each rafter spacing has a plastic air chute that keeps the air flowing between the roof sheathing and the rafters. These are available at both home centers and building supply shops. Clear soffits keep moisture from your roof's framework. This can cause mold growth.


  • Mold where Roof and Exterior Wall Meet


Kick-out flashing is required where a roof edge meets the sidewall. If it weren't for the flashing, roof runoff could flow down the wall and even inside it. Water can leak from the trim behind doors and windows below. Although it may not be noticed for many years, rot can eventually cause damage to sheathing and structures. Sometimes, stucco is all that holds the wall together from falling apart. Do not wait for this to happen.


  • Gutters that are rusted


Gutter leaks can be caused by rusty areas or seams that have been exposed to expansion and contraction. The easiest way to stop a leaky gutter is to use roofing and gutter repair tape (available at hardware stores and home centers). Use a wire brush to remove rust and tar using a putty knife to remove tar.



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