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Drywall Damage Types

Jan 24

Drywall Damage Types

By Drywall Repair Houston

There are many ways drywall damage could occur.

At the junction between two sheetrock panels, surface cracks may occur. Minor dents, scratches, and dings can result from moving furniture, doorknobs, kids, and regular wear and tear.

If a crack extends through the paper or the seam's tape, it is called a deeper crack.

Drywall damage due to water damage (e.g. flooding or leaks) can cause erosion, sagging, and holes. This type of damage is a breeding ground of mold and can also cause electrical or structural hazards.

Drywall Tools & Supplies

If you are looking to DIY your drywall repairs you will need a few tools you can find at Lowes, Home Depot, or any other local hardware store.

Here's an overview of the materials and tools you'll need.

  1. Dust mask
  2. Mud pan
  3. Putty or drywall mud
  4. Painters tape
  5. Putty knife
  6. Utility knife
  7. Paper drywall tape
  8. Pre-mixed Joint compound
  9. Setting compound

You may need a sanding device or sandpaper depending on the extent of damage to the walls. Also, the paint will be needed to match the walls.

Drywall Damage Assessment

Assessing the damage to drywall is the first step of a drywall repair job.

First, consider the source of the damage. Water-related damage can be checked for mold buildup, and damage beyond the immediate vicinity.

Drywall Repair Process

After you have evaluated the damage, you can begin to repair the area.

You can use a tool to make superficial cracks in the paper.

Fill tiny holes in the drywall with drywall cement and scrape it until flat. Once the drywall mud has dried, sand down until it's smooth. You will need to patch larger holes by using drywall.

Drywall professional

It can be a great way to take the stress out of repairs and assessments by hiring a professional contractor.

A professional will immediately assess the damage. They will have all the required tools and can source materials at a much lower cost. If required, they may also bring a team.

Hire a professional to replace or repair your drywall if you are dealing with larger projects or water-related issues.

Do You Need Drywall Services

Repairs are dependent on the extent of the damage. They can be both quick and straightforward or take a long time and prove costly.

Is it possible to repair drywall in your own home? Leave a comment to ask questions or call us for a free estimate. We are available to answer your questions about drywall services.


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