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Feb 12

Do you have a list of projects that is excessively long and there's any time to tackle it? Metro East Home Repair will come to look at the situation. I have spent quite a lot of time in Edwardsville IL. The engineering school is where I graduated years ago so I'm very familiar with the area. There are gorgeous historic buildings that are over 100 years old if live near Edwardsville. A lot of these houses require an update! Although you have some older houses closer to downtown, there are huge areas of brand newly constructed homes throughout the Edwardsville region. If you've got an old or new house, you'll likely encounter issues over time. Perhaps the layout of your home has changed and is no longer suitable. Our handyman Edwardsville IL will take a look at your walls to identify what needs to be removed and what is in need of support. It's exciting until the roof caves in. I realize how important it is for individuals to have a place that is their own, however sometimes , knocking down walls could create more issues than you'd like to face. Contact us and we'll set up the time for one of our staff to come out and measure your home for you. To make sure that you are able to get the best service possible, we have many experts who specialize in different areas.

General construction work is a very crowded field for a career that typically has more work to be done than the people who are available to do the work! This is the reason our Edwardsville IL handyman is working tirelessly to help keep up with the demand. Maybe you've tried to obtain assistance from other contractors to complete renovations to your kitchen or bathroom but had no luck. Contact us or fill out our contact form and we'll check our availability!

A lot of handyman services don't have one man driving around doing all the tasks. We have a group of people who are available to finish the job. There is no job too small or too large for our contractors. Our contractors are able to handle residential and commercial jobs. If you're a business owner we'll provide you with a proposal to assess your bid in comparison to other bidders. Commercial businesses typically require multiple bids before they are able to make their final decisions. We request that you allow us to visit and create a bid for the job too! Our Edwardsville IL handyman is ready to go out to take measurements for your task. If you have a list of things you'll need to do then we'll be able to assist by listing each item on the list to help us begin reducing that list for you!

Many handyman services also cost by the hour. We charge an hourly fee however, we usually offer each job based on the amount we're going be required to spend to get the job done. What exactly is that you ask? Imagine that the garbage disposal in your home has stopped functioning and you have to fix it. Handymen from large companies are coming in to work hourly to complete the task. Let's say they are charging $150 an hour for work at your home, and it takes them 3 hours to change your garbage disposal. Then you get an invoice for $450 plus the materials, and you were not prepared for it to cost that much. This isn't what we do to our customers. If we were in a similar situation we'd inform our client in advance how expensive the job will be to finish. In this case, let's assume that we offer this job for $300 for the total cost. We will let you know upfront what the price of the installation will be. There are no hidden costs and we're glad to provide an estimate at no cost!

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