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Looking For Catering In Belleville IL?

Mar 7

Not only do we offer a quick and easy restaurant/drive through experience for our customers in need of the convenience of a quick bite We also have a staff educated to offer many options catering options in Belleville IL. One of the most popular catering services is for occasions for business or social gatherings which require a quick meal, without needing to plan too far ahead. We'll help you create a menu of options from our deli menu.

Fresh soups, sandwiches, and salads are a great option to entertain guests during a party or gathering. Perhaps you've faced difficulties hiring a caterer, or you are now looking for something last-minute to make your event a success. Don't worry, we can help you. There are many alternatives to choose from to make fast and simple meals by our Belleville IL catering team.


If you're planning to host a large event or are looking for something other than the standard deli menu Please let us know. There are numerous options for your events.


Catering in Belleville IL Providing Boxed Lunches For Special Events


We've been getting many inquiries regarding offering Boxed Lunches to occasions that require special attention in the region. For example, we have had many companies contact us about providing a quick set of boxed lunches to 15-20 participants for a meeting they're hosting. These events usually occur at the last minute or when they were originally planning to employ a different caterer in Belleville IL. Uncle Nick's is able to assist in the last minute meal preparations for gatherings and events.


We're not bound by the magnitude of your event or gathering. Even if you're hosting just an a handful of people or a large number of people we can supply you with boxes of Lunches to everyone. We'll prepare your order, and be able to deliver it by the time you provide. You will need to provide us with a list indicating the sandwiches you'd like us to prepare. Look through our menus to find a variety of options for boxed lunches.


We are an Belleville IL caterer that specializes providing fast and efficient catering services for large events. Professional chefs are also part of our family, who can provide special catering options for large events such as weddings or corporate events. We are able to assist with any request or special requirements. Big events such as weddings and corporate events might take some time to prepare , however, we will try our best to make it go smoothly.


Restaurants Near Belleville IL


We are among the many restaurants close to Belleville IL. It can be difficult to find us. You will find us close to the junction of Highway 15 & S. Illinois Street. Locals often use the name S. Illinois Street 159. If you inform locals that they are in the vicinity of 15 and 159 it will be easier to explain to people. The entrance to our building is situated just north of the 15 and is located on the east side. It is easily seen from both roads , as there is a Denny's right across from us. We provide quick choices for dining options near Belleville IL as well as sitting down options.


Our prices are very reasonable. You won't find an excellent pastrami sandwich as ours for a lesser price. Uncle Nick's Deli is the best option for a cheap lunch. Our sandwich crew is ready to serve you the best cold or hot sandwiches you've ever eaten. Our soup options change regularly and if you're a big fan of soups and sandwiches, you should stop by and try us.

Uncle Nick’s
Address:  1140 S Illinois St, Belleville, IL 62220
Phone:  618-416-8655

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