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The pros and cons of the Mitsubishi Mirage 

May 13

The Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most popular cars in Thailand, so you have probably already seen it or heard about it. Classified as a subcompact hatchback, this vehicle is well-received because of its driver and passenger-friendly features.

However, even with its many top-end and premium features, the Mitsubishi Mirage is far from being flawless. If you are considering buying this car, it's a good idea to first weigh its pros and cons before making a decision. Whether you want to buy new or buy used Mitsubishi Mirage vehicles, the features really matter.


Compact design

Just like its counterparts, the Mitsubishi Mirage is also a very compact vehicle which makes it very easy to navigate in tight streets and across traffic on major highways and side streets in the country. 

It's affordable

In Thailand, the recommended retail price for the brand new model can range between ฿470,000 and ฿580,000 depending on the variant. When you buy used Mitsubishi Mirage vehicles, the price could easily go down significantly which makes it a very affordable car and a practical first car choice. It's also an ideal car for college students and young professionals. 

Sporty look and funky color options

The new models of Mirage have a sporty look due to the use of black panels, trimming and exterior accessories. Not only that, you also get a wide range of funky color choices which include sunrise orange, pyrenees black, diamond white, wine red and cerulean blue metallic, titanium gray and Mirage yellow among others. While the color you choose will not affect the functionality of the car, it can greatly reflect the owner's personality and also adds flair to your ride.

Decent cargo capacity

Not spacious but also not cramped, the Mitsubishi Mirage offers you ample storage space which is on par with other cars of the same class. You can also load bulkier items by folding the rear seats, an advantage against many other cars with fixed rear perches. 

Fuel efficient

The Mitsubishi Mirage can run up to 23 kilometers per liter which is highly fuel efficient. However, this figure is typically achievable only for long distance highway driving. For city driving, the conservative estimate is between 12 and 14 kilometers per liter. 

Decent specs

Given its really affordable price, the Mirage has decent but practical specs which include automatic climate control, keyless operation system as well as Bluetooth, iPhone, USB and auxiliary connectivity. It may not have much to offer when it comes to specs, but what it has are among the most useful and practical ones.

Reliable for daily driving

The Mirage is designed to be tough and can handle daily driving. It has a stellar record of reliability which is true for many Mitsubishi models. As long as it is properly maintained, you can rely on this car for everyday driving to and from work or university.


Noise in the cabin

It's not the most quiet car and the noise is noticeable in the cabin. Some users also complain of excessive wind and engine noise at high speed. This is especially true for older models. However, the new variants have improved insulations and are quieter.

Slightly cramped rear seats

The rear seat lacks adequate headroom and legroom so if an adult will sit at the back, it can feel a bit cramped.

Features are basic

Some interested car owners find this car lacking in some important specs such as rear air ventilation, seat lumbar support and wireless charger among others.


In Thailand, there are many people who buy used Mitsubishi Mirage vehicles. The used car market for Mirage is booming. This just reflects the number of car owners who trust this car.

If you are still undecided about whether to get a Mitsubishi Mirage or another brand or model of hatchback, don't be easily put off by the cons of this car. This hatchback is a great car because it is decent, practical, fuel efficient and reliable.