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The City of Puyallup WA

Apr 9

Puyallup WA is a city with a lot to offer. It has a unique downtown antique district, a two-year community college, good K-12 schools, parks and recreation, nice residential districts, cinemas, restaurants and more.

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The City of Puyallup was founded in 1877 when Ezra Meeker platted a townsite near the crest of the Puyallup Valley in southeastern Pierce County. Initially, it was a small trading town with Indians, Chinese and other Native Americans, and a few white settlers. But the Indian War of 1855-1856 drove many settlers away and they didn't return in significant numbers until after the Civil War.

As time went on, the influx of Europeans changed the face of the town and the region as a whole. The Northern Pacific Railroad laid tracks through Puyallup, and coal was mined at the head of the valley. The town grew rapidly, and by the time the Great Depression hit, it had become an important commercial center with 18 trains per day.

Today, the quaint town of Puyallup is still home to a small, active downtown shopping district filled with historic buildings dating back to the town's founding. It's also home to the downtown farmers' market, which takes place every Saturday in Pioneer Park and the modern pavilion building.

There's also a beautiful, well-maintained public art collection with 32 permanent sculptures throughout the town. The outdoor gallery is funded by volunteers from the regional organization Valley Arts United, and new pieces are added regularly.

Puyallup has a vibrant and eclectic culture with a rich history. The city's cultural activities include concerts, theater, dance and other events. The arts community is supported by the Puyallup Cultural Commission and the Puyallup Museum of Art.

It's also a great place for families with children, because it has excellent schools. The school district offers a top-rated elementary, middle and high school.

For higher education, there's Pierce College - Puyallup, and several universities are within driving distance. The University of Washington, Washington State University, the Seattle Pacific and the Evergreen State College are all less than an hour's drive.

The area is also a popular spot for outdoor sports, including hiking and biking. The city boasts a variety of trails, ranging from short walks to long treks through the countryside.

A few miles southeast of the city is a large, tree-lined area known as the South Hill. This neighborhood is home to a variety of shopping opportunities and features an outdoor art exhibition that's free to the public.

There are several good restaurants in this neighborhood, with some of them offering outdoor dining as well. It's a great place for families to live because of its proximity to the downtown area.

The downtown farmers' market is a great place to buy local produce and handicrafts. The market is held each Saturday in Pioneer Park and the modern pavilion building and features a wide range of local vendors.

Puyallup's farmers' market is open each Saturday from early May to late October. Thousands of people gather to buy fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, baked goods, meats and cheeses, handicrafts and more.