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Bad Form: Keta Legacy Foundation Threatens 100 Year Theater Celebration by Closing ADA Access

May 21

SEATTLE WA – In a disappointing move, Keta Legacy Foundation took steps this week to restrict access to the Kitsap Forest Theater, which may force The Mountaineers to cancel upcoming productions of The Sound of Music. On May 17, just days before final rehearsals and set-building work for opening night of The Sound of Music, Keta locked The Mountaineers Players out from the backstage area at the Theater. This area has been continually accessed by The Mountaineers for nearly 40 years over easements crossing several parcels of property and the Rhododendron Preserve. Keta also barred access to a parking area that is essential to accommodate guests – particularly elderly guests and those with disabilities. Keta has been aware, and was again reminded of, the vital importance of this access and the troubling impact its restriction would have on persons with limited mobility, as well as productions as a whole.

In response to these actions, The Mountaineers filed a motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO) in attempt to regain access needed to proceed with the 100th anniversary celebration at the theater. Unless the court moves quickly, or Keta reverses its decision to obstruct the performances, we may have to cancel the May 28 and 29 shows and potentially the entire season.

Will The Sound of Music be silenced?

More than 1,500 tickets have already been sold for this season’s performances, and we are deeply saddened at this development.

Please know that we will continue actively working to address Keta’s lock-out so that guests can enjoy the remaining scheduled shows and join us in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Kitsap Forest Theater. We will update the community as we have more information.

(source: The Mountaineers Blog)

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To learn more about the background that led up to this very sad and disapointing action follow this link:  To learn more about the Kitsap Outdoor Theater, and it's 100 year season, visit: