7 restaurants serving up the best Chinese food in Seattle

7 restaurants serving up the best Chinese food in Seattle

The Chinese food scene in Seattle is one of the most diverse and authentic in all of North America. So you may not be sure where to start your culinary journey.

From perfectly steamed dumplings in traditional bamboo steamers to west coast-inspired contemporary Chinese cuisine, there’s something for everyone.

Here are the seven best places for Chinese food in Seattle:

Dough zone dumpling house

Dough Zone has some of the tastiest dumplings in Seattle. While the rest of the menu looks tasty, it saves space for hearty soup dumplings, fried dumplings, boiled dumplings, and steamed dumplings.

Place: # 109-504 5th Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-285-9999
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Seattle port city

You will never leave Harbor City hungry. The restaurant shines with its dim sum offerings that taste just as good as they do at home to take away.

Place: 707 South King Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-621-2228

Mike’s noodle house

Mike’s Noodle House is the perfect Chinatown hidden gem that reminds us that simple flavors can still be incredibly delicious. Sip the perfectly cooked pasta and some of the best wontons in town.

Place: 418 Maynard Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-389-7099

Honey Court seafood restaurant

Honey Court is known for great night meals. The outside of the building, old and slowly shabby, is no indication of the amazing quality of the food inside.

Place: 516 Maynard Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-292-8828

Jade Garden Restaurant

From the outside, Jade Garden doesn’t look like anything special – that’s how you know it’s going to be good and authentic. Order anything from sweet and sour pork to fried rice with salted fish and honey-walnut shrimp at Jade Garden.

Place: 424 7th Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-622-8181

Szechuan noodle bowl

Homemade is the key word to describe Szechuan noodle bowl. With their handmade noodles and dumplings, you want you to grow up in Sichuan Province. A loving grandmother will make you these dishes every week.

Place: 420 8th Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-623-4198

Foo Lam Chinese restaurant

Generous portions are available from Foo Lam. While this place isn’t as busy as the others on this list, it definitely deserves just as much credit. We love their congee on a cold morning as well as their hot pot at any time of the day.

Place: 7101 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, Seattle
Phone: 206-453-3498
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