A List of Annual Events in Saugus, MA



If you live in Saugus, there are a variety of annual events that you can attend. There are often community festivals and town events, as well as various ones that are sponsored by businesses or clubs in the area. Many of these festivals are hosted by the Chamber of Commerce or other business associations, and there are also many charity events and fundraisers that occur on a regular basis. These events give everyone an opportunity to get out and have fun. They also serve as a way for the community to come together and show support for each other. Because they are so common, it can be difficult to pick up a list of these events, so this article will serve as an outline for some of the more popular ones that happen in Saugus.


One of the most obvious things to do during an annual event is to walk or ride on a float. This is one that is especially nice because there is usually a large crowd of people doing the walking and riding. It can be a great way for all Saugus residents to come together and have a large party, especially if the floats are decorated with colors or represent a school, a sports team or another related cause. The floats are also a great way for businesses in the area to advertise, and many of them are operated by volunteers who work for nothing but the thrill of giving people a good time.


Another town event is a sizzle dinner. This is where vendors set up shop and cook dishes at various intervals, usually beginning at noon. People are kept busy by the crowd of people walking through and around. They are also served a variety of wines and often dine under one roof. The Saugus Town Council has different rules that dictate when and where sizzling dinners can take place, so check with your town officials before holding your event.


A large outdoor concert is another popular annual event that Saugus residents can participate in. In fact, this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire city. There are a lot of popular musical acts performing at this event, as well as a number of art and craft vendors selling their wares. Many times during the evening, you will see local, live bands play, so don’t be surprised if you hear country music or some other type of music playing. Some of the artists performing at these concerts are: The Bluegrass Festival, Dave Brubeck’s tribute to Van Gogh, and the Jazz Festival.


For a more intimate affair, why not consider holding an annual candlelight dinner? Candlelight dinners are wonderful because they are beautiful to look at and you get to enjoy the warm glow of burning candles. These types of events can be very elaborate, often having as many as sixty guests attending. For the best results, you should try to host this type of event during the winter when temperatures are still cold. Many times you will find that catering is also offered at the event. Check with your local hotels to see if they have a room available for a candlelight dinner.


Another one of the most popular events held yearly is the Salt and Pepper Festival. This festival serves as a “kick off” to the Christmas season for the town and features both festive activities and competitions. One of the most popular attractions of this festive season is the Salt Pit. It is located on Main Street and is actually built beneath the street, where a historic stone quarry is located. The event also includes local food and music, as well as a great time for everyone to get into the Christmas spirit.


When it comes to arts and crafts, the Arts Festivals and Stag Nights are very popular and are held yearly in a large number of cities. The Arts Festivals are usually held during the month of February and feature a number of free or low cost arts and crafts exhibits. You will find a large number of artisans exhibiting their goods in a number of different venues. These events are great for finding a unique and unusual piece of art or for purchasing original artworks.


The Stag and Bachelor Party are another series of parties that are often hosted by a particular group or organization. There are typically a number of guests that attend this event, and the goal is to celebrate the end of bachelorhood and a beginning to marriage. The number of these events that you will find in your area will be dependent upon the total number of other similar events that are being held at the same time. In some instances, a stag night can be combined with an anniversary celebration or birthday party, for a larger number of guests. There are also a number of other smaller stag parties that can be combined into one large bash if the number of people that you have invited is large enough.

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