After 2 women are kicked in the head, Seattle man charged with assault


A 19-year-old Seattle man was charged Thursday with assault charges after allegedly kicking two women in the head, one on a bus and another while planting flowers on the sidewalk, according to King County prosecutors.

Prosecutors charged Isaiah Clay Lewis with two second degree attacks and ordered a judge to hold him on bail of $ 250,000. “An amount we believe is necessary and appropriate to protect the safety of the community from future violent attacks,” they said.

Lewis was arrested in December on an alleged domestic violence incident involving his parents. He remained in custody until January 5, when he had a bond negotiation and was released into the county “base program” within the Community Center for Alternative Programs (CCAP), which requires attendees to check-in by phone every day.

One day later, according to the indictments, he was riding a subway bus through the university district when he kicked a fellow passenger in the head.

He was on the bus around University Way Northeast and Northeast 43rd Street when he was upset about a woman talking on the phone, police said earlier this week. According to surveillance videos of the incident, he got up from his seat and kicked her in the head, police said.

The woman who suffered a concussion confronted him and told the subway bus driver what happened, police said. When he stopped the bus to call the transit authorities, Lewis walked through the back door, police said.

The next day, January 7, Lewis kicked the head of a 56-year-old woman who was planting flowers at the base of a tree on a sidewalk in Belltown, police said.

Video footage shows a man the police believe is Lewis. He walks away – south on Fourth Avenue – while the woman rolls on the floor, clutching her head.

She sustained serious injuries, including about 10 fractures to her cheekbones, nose, sinuses and eye socket, police said.

When detectives investigated, several officers Lewis knew from previous investigations identified him as the man on the surveillance footage. They also noticed the shoes the suspect was wearing, which appeared to be a specific style of black and yellow Air Jordans, according to a surveillance video, according to a police report.

When a caller turned to police on Wednesday and reported seeing a man who matched the suspect’s description and was wearing Jordans, officers went to speak to him.

According to a police report, Lewis was standing outside a building in Belltown a few blocks from the alleged attack on the 56-year-old woman. The officers took him to the SPD headquarters and arrested him later that day.

Lewis’ first appearance in court is scheduled for January 28 at the King County Courthouse.