All About Old School RuneScape Bonds


Have you ever played a game and found yourself spending more time on it than intended? You might have found this to be the case with some “free-to-play” games. Thankfully, at OSRS there is no need for players who want access without paying through Old School Runescape bonds. These are great if your goal is to enjoy members-only benefits in-game.

Today, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about these so-called Old School RuneScape Bonds. Moreover, I will tell you how you can exchange these bonds for RuneScape membership.

What Are OSRS Bonds?

Old School RuneScape bonds are a way to accessorize your virtual game life. These items can be traded between players and stored in-game, or they may also come from the Grand Exchange if you collect enough OSRS GP for its price tag.

Runescape bonds are a great way to keep players focused and entertained. In addition, they can be stored in your account which would allow you to store 20 OSRS bonds. The game also allows you to earn loyalty points and redeem Runecoins by acquiring as many bonds as you possibly can.

How Can You Get Runescape Membership Using Bonds?

There are many different membership packages available to suit your needs with a varying number of days that you can get simply by exchanging bonds.

All OSRS players can use one or more of their bonds to gain RuneScape membership. The following is the current exchange value for each bond: 

  • 14 days for 1 OSRS bond
  • 29 days for 2 OSRS bonds
  • 45 days for 3 OSRS bonds

If you want to save money on RuneScape memberships and do it fast without much work on your end, buy it from a third-party website that sells them.

Furthermore, a player is given the opportunity to change their display username using Account Management or in account settings on the Runescape website. But one thing to note about this feature is that they can only do so for free once every 28 days; otherwise, if you want quicker access than waiting until next month then just use 1 bond to do it.

Having a good amount of OSRS bonds means you can enjoy benefits that are exclusive to members. These include more minigames, more rewarding quests, and the ability to level up P2P-only skills!