Best Way To Make Money On Old School RuneScape


After creating a new account, many players will find the early stages of Old School Runescape to be quite challenging. Players are often faced with steep hills that make it difficult for them to progress through the game quickly enough. While some welcome this challenge at first, most would rather get past these hurdles as soon as possible in order to fully enjoy later parts of gameplay without limitations or obstacles impeding their advancement.

If you want to make money early on in Old School Runescape, here are a few of the best ways to make OSRS gold. Most of these methods work for non-members but some only apply if you are a member.

Stronghold of Security

The Stronghold of Security exists to teach players how to keep their accounts safe while they play online. The entrance is located in the middle of Barbarian Village, just west of Varrock city. If a player completes the entire stronghold then he/she will be rewarded 10,000 RuneScape gold coins which is enough money for beginners and veteran players.

Spinning Flax

The best way to make money in RuneScape early on is through spinning flax. This process can be used for creating Bowstrings that require level 10 Crafting and will provide consistent income while leveling up the skill. To take advantage of this, purchase Flax from the Grand Exchange first before traveling to Lumbridge Castle where there’s both a Spinning Wheel and Bank that allows you quick access back-and-forth between them with ease.

Gathering Leather

A simple and interesting way to get leather is through hunting cows. Gather the cowhides by either buying them from a shop or killing cows at Lumbridge Farms, then head over to Al Kharid where you can turn in your items for money.

In Al-Kharid, there is a shop where players can have the store owner turn their animal hides into leather. By going back and forth between the bank and this shopkeeper, one could make money quickly by converting cowhides to leather for 152 coins each or dragonhide armor at 216 coins apiece. This method may be useful if someone has more starting capital as well.

Wines of Zamorak

This method is one of the most well-known money-making methods for free players. This involves using magic to steal wines from Asgarnia’s chaos temple, which requires having a level 33 in Magic.

Players should bring a staff of air, law runes, and wizard mind bombs to do the method most effectively. For players with lower levels, it is advised that they leave once the wine has been taken as monks will get angry and attack you if remain in their temple. The best method is only entering when there’s another wine upstairs which makes this process easier.