Chilly weather ahead in Seattle area

Chilly weather ahead in Seattle area

Seattle Times reporter

Don’t be prepared for warmer weather just yet.

We may have a warm day on Wednesday with temperatures that could climb as high as 60 degrees, but in general the next two weeks will look colder than average according to Seattle’s National Weather Service.

The lows could be overnight in the 30s, but the weather service says chances are that Wednesday will be the warmest day of the year in Seattle yet. The previous high was on March 13th at 60 degrees.

And then?

“La Niña is faint and faded, but it’s still intact and the forecast of eight to 14 days has got us well below normal,” said meteorologist Dana Felton.

The Seattle area only had one day with temperatures around 60 this month while we typically have around four, he said.

So enjoy Wednesday but keep the coats and expectations low for now.