Classic desserts are transformed into doughnuts at Seattle shop

Classic desserts are transformed into doughnuts at Seattle shop

Half and Half Donuts creates the handcrafted goodies from scratch on Capitol Hill

SEATTLE – Banana Foster, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and S’mores are classic desserts that you can now try in the form of donuts!

Half and Half Donuts on Capitol Hill combines traditional donut-making with modern flavor combinations.

“The idea is that we bring back memories of your childhood,” said co-founder Christine Cannon, “to create a little magic for people when they walk in.”

Each donut is handcrafted from the ground up and consists mainly of organic and non-GMO ingredients. The flavors may combine with the child in you, but they are made in ways that adults can appreciate.

“Absolutely. We do the work on each one,” said head baker Alex Schwartzstein. “We’re adding a little complexity so you can enjoy it on another level.”

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The menu is seasonal and keeps changing as Cannon brings in new ideas. It’s in her nature – she comes from a long line of chefs.

“I grew up in an Italian Orthodox Jewish family, so there were two palates,” she continued. “And a lot of baking. My grandmother made these lovely donuts when I was a kid.”

Half and Half gives these vintage favorites a modern twist.

The caramel apple fritters taste like caramel apples.

The S’mores Bismarcks are made with marshmallow cream and homemade graham crackers.

There is also the georgette – a circular variant of cinnamon sugar.

“It’s your mother’s buttered toast with cinnamon sugar,” said Cannon.

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If donuts aren’t your speed, try a breakfast sandwich or a freshly baked cookie.

“It’s like nice and fluffy. It has the right amount of jam, not too much, but not too little,” said customer Karan Thakker.

Half and half donuts | 516 E. Pike Street.

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