Freezing fog? Maybe, but the classic Seattle weather combo of wet roads and low temperatures is more likely

Freezing fog? Maybe, but the classic Seattle weather combo of wet roads and low temperatures is more likely

Seattle Times reporter

Perhaps it was freezing fog that caused collisions in some parts of the Puget Sound area on Monday morning, but it’s more likely that the classic combination of wet roads and freezing temperatures closer to Seattle played a role, according to the Seattle National Weather Service .

Add some thick and spotty fog and there is no need for the exotic.

Freezing fog can occur and the weather service tweeted a warning about it on Sunday.

Lows in the upper 20s and 30s. Areas of fog / freezing fog with a 1/4 mile or less visibility. I can already see thick fog around #Tacoma; Tonite enhancement cover for much of the lowlands of Pgt Snd & S Interior. Slow down and use low beam! #wawx

– NWS Seattle (@NWSSeattle) December 28, 2020

But meteorologist Gary Snyder said early Monday that the roads closer to Seattle are slippery overnight due to a weekend of rain and sub-freezing temperatures.

Patchy fog is also dangerous for drivers, said Snyder.

“You go with us and it’s not foggy and then suddenly …” he said.

Just before 7:00 a.m., the Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted that it had closed Highway 520 at West Lake Sammamish “after several early morning collisions due to ice.” Just after 7 a.m., WSDOT tweeted that the freeway would be treated against ice after moving all vehicles onto its shoulder, and just before 8 a.m. it was tweeted that 520 had reopened.

Shortly before the closure, WSDOT tweeted: “It is reported that some parts of the freeways are icy. We will cover these places. Please slow down this morning and give our crews space to work. “

The mottled fog should mostly burn off in the afternoon, with the fog returning on Tuesday morning. Tuesday remains mostly cloudy with a southern weather system bringing rain, wind, and mountain snow Tuesday night through Wednesday.

Tomorrow from the day shift! On the way there it was icy in the back streets. So be careful on your walk and sidewalks this morning! Patchy fog / freezing fog is also here and there around the sound! #wawx

– NWS Seattle (@NWSSeattle) December 28, 2020

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