From Exodus to S, M, L, XL to Seattle; Architecture with Rem Koolhaas | Features

Seattle Public Library by OMA.  Image via the OMA website.


Seattle Public Library by OMA. Image via the OMA website.

Soapbox is a weekly series that offers a curated series of lectures, lectures, and symposia on contemporary topics, but which are explored in the archives of past and present lectures. Given the plethora of lectures, lectures, symposia and panels that take place every day around the world, how can we keep up and, if not, find them when they’re gone? Soapbox would like to put together a selection of current, archived and outlier presentations on a specific topic. Soapbox wants to combine this never-ending library of ideas into an appealing and diverse list of thoughts and provocations. Soapbox is just that, a collection aimed at discovering the occasional needle in the haystack.

This week we take a look at Rem Koolhaas.

1. Rem Koolhaas – Current concerns

2. Rem Koolhaas – OMA-AMO: Where is our soul?

3. Rem Koolhaas – The future of the way we live, love and work

4. Rem Koolhaas – S, M, L, XL

5. “Preserving History” Rem Koolhaas

6. Peter Eisenman, Rem Koolhaas – architecture, ideology, the city

7. Rem Koolhaas – content

8. Rem Koolhaas: “Recent occupations: architecture and exhibition production”

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