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Our current flag.  It's a bad flag.

Our current flag. It’s a bad flag. City of Seattle

It’s time Seattle. After over 130 submissions to redesign the ugly official city flag of Seattle, The Stranger’s distinguished group of crackpot vexillologists has selected 10 finalists. Now it’s up to you to decide which of these flags should be our new (UNOFFICIAL) city flag in Seattle. We call it that Seattle People’s Flagbecause while we strongly encourage Mayor Durkan and the City of Seattle, to adopt our new flag, we have low expectations of this government.

Are you ready to see her Make sure you know which flag is your favorite flag and vote in the poll below by 6:00 p.m. on Friday, August 9th. The winner will receive:

  • Fame
  • Four tickets for the Seattle Art Museum (Worth $ 119.96; valid for one year)
  • A one-year “supporter” membership for two people Seattle City Hall, including a voucher for six free tickets (worth $ 60)
  • Two tickets for a regularly scheduled tour or a lecture by Seattle Architecture Foundation (Worth $ 36)
  • And now … our 10 finalists!

    # 1: “Northwest” designed by Formidable





    “This flag draws heavily on our natural affinity in the region for the greenery and growth that surrounds us. But it also does the double job of a compass arrow pointing the way northwest,” writes Formidable.

    More of them: “Formidable Design is the design arm of Formidable, a Seattle-based software consultancy and open source software organization.

    We have been headquartered in Seattle all our lives. And we’ve had to look at that flag all our lives. It makes us sad. ūüôĀ

    Our team of four designers created three flag variants, each of which we believe better represents Seattle’s best qualities – its relationship with the natural environment, its forward-looking values ‚Äč‚Äčand ability.

    We hope you enjoy our work. “

    # 2: “Onwards” designed by Formidable





    “This option is not only an allusion to our north-westerly position in the country, but also to our future-oriented region. Whether in the aerospace industry, in technology or in social issues, our region is always directed forward and upward. The stripes are between two huge expanses, similar to how our region is surrounded by water. ”

    # 3: “The Mountain” designed by Formidable





    “No flag option would be complete without the great presence that surrounds us, the silent guardians that remind us of the place. The mountains here are complemented by the water that surrounds them – in this case water of varying heights that sometimes makes ours absent person speaks -kilter lifestyle. ”

    # 4: Designed by Chet Clapper


    Chet Clapper


    Chet Clapper

    “Big old orca face. Our most precious marine mammal.”

    # 5: Designed by Phil Scroggs


    Phil Scroggs

    “This design is a mashup of my own design combined with a variation on a triangle design suggested by Alex Garey in 2015. I proposed this design a year ago and the city council members blew my mind. Maybe with the new city council, we can make a difference (BTW, this design is available as a GIF sticker on Facebook and Instagram Stories! Just search for ‘phillustrations’.) ”

    # 6: Designed by Ryan Robinson


    Ryan Robinson

    “This Seattle flag design has the following embedded symbolism:

  • Rainier / mountains
  • water
  • Blue sky
  • green
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Light colors that indicate inclusiveness ”

    # 7: Designed by Kyle Shepard


    Kyle Shepard

    # 8th: Designed by Mark Ostrow


    Mark Ostrow

    “Seattle is named for Chief Sealth and his profile is already an enduring symbol of our city. Seattle was built on the Duwamish land, a people who are still here. My design honors Chief Sealth and the ancient heritage of the Duwamish people. He faces right and looks more forward than backward in the city’s existing seal. The colors sea green and deep blue represent the confluence of salt water and fresh water that define Seattle’s geography. ”

    # 9: Designed by Brian Jackson


    Brian Jackson

    “There are three main elements:

  • The 5 stripes represent the five lakes in / near the city (Green Lake, Bitter Lake, Haller Lake, Lake Washington, and Lake Union).
  • The blue hills represent the seven hills of Seattle.
  • The crescents are elements borrowed from the art of the Coastal Salish. Illustrating a concept of positive and negative energy created by dropping a pebble into calm water.

    Colors: The background color is a variant of the turquoise used in the current flag. It’s paired with a monochromatic pairing for the hills and a triad yellow for the crescent moon. “

    # 10: “The Emerald Isthmus” designed by Bradley Lockhart


    Bradley Lockhart


    Bradley Lockhart


    Bradley Lockhart

    “My design for a new city flag for the city of Seattle, Washington. I named this design” The Emerald Isthmus, “based on Seattle’s nickname and geographic location. I designed it back in June when I was The Stranger for the first time a city flag called for redesign. I have designed some official Washington city flags, and I and others are even in the process of proposing a new flag design for Washington State itself. But let’s focus on the task at hand: fixing that terrible city flag. ”


    There you have it, Seattle! Vote for your new Seattle People’s Flag now.

    WHO WON? Well it’s complicated.

    What flag should be the new Seattle city flag?