How much snow will the Seattle area get this week? Here’s what we know.

How much snow will the Seattle area get this week? Here’s what we know.

How much snow will we get? Will it stay? When? Where?

Here’s the dilemma of modern weather forecasting: there’s a lot of information and data out there, but none of it can predict the future when multiple moving factors are involved, as we’ll see in West Washington this week.

Cold air from Canada’s Fraser River Valley will bring temperatures down to snow-friendly levels, but will also tend to bring drier air, said Carly Kovacik of the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Have to soak up this “heat” today (unless of course you’re already in the Fraser Outflow in the north)! The temperatures will be cooler from tomorrow. I still expect the coldest days of the week to be Thursday and Friday. #wawx

– NWS Seattle (@NWSSeattle) February 9, 2021

At the same time, winds from the east and another low pressure system from Canada are coming towards us and both carry drier air.

This system from Canada “will try to steal some of the moisture from the Pacific system” moving across the ocean toward the Washington and Oregon coasts, Kovacik said.

“Some models show it works and some don’t,” she said.

If this wet weather system turns north from the Pacific and doesn’t get dry from the dry winds, we could get snow – maybe even a lot of it, Kovacik said.

Right now, however, the wet system looks more like it is spinning towards south of Washington and Oregon, Kovacik said.

“There is still a lot of disagreement about how much snow falls and where,” she said. “Those who carry the moisture we need for snow are likely to move more to Oregon.”

Even with some of the most advanced weather forecasting technologies in the world, it sometimes seems like an old-fashioned wait and see.

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