How You Can Help Seattle Weather the Pandemic

How You Can Help Seattle Weather the Pandemic

Fund a Main fund

Not sure where to start? Two of the city’s largest charities make up an easy square. United Road from King County launched a Community Relief Fund; Donations can support food or rent support, or simply go to the greatest immediate need. The volunteer offer database gathers requests from various organizations, making it the ideal destination for anyone with more energy than instructions (or cash). A collection of Seattle Foundation In the first round alone, $ 10 million in grants were awarded to send money to more than a hundred nonprofits across the city.

Hit that Streets

Home delivery reached a whole new high during the quarantine (see page 42), but even if things do reopen, the more vulnerable Seattle folks still have to get the world to their doors. There are several ways to get involved as a deliverer. Seattle Works, a voluntary non-profit organization, directs drivers to groups that drop off groceries Chinatown–
International District and another that gives priority to people with disabilities, queer or BIPOC. United Way works with YMCA to deliver meals. V delivery Brings seniors in six Seattle neighborhoods with locals who can pick up food banks for those who can’t walk themselves.

Enter from Yourselfliterally

The Northwest’s blood supply was a real roller coaster ride. Stocks fell first when the virus hit the US and then rose as donors filled the void. But hospitals need a steady flow and both Bloodworks Northwest and american red cross Operate donation agencies. Recovered from Covid-19? You can apply for a plasma donation that can be used to treat current patients with the virus.

Send love over letter

Since the 1970s Asian advice and referral service has connected services to the Asian-American community. As part of its work to deliver food during the Covid crisis, the organization includes handwritten letters to elders who may be isolated during self-quarantine. The program welcomes letters written in non-English languages, but all that is required to participate is a desire to send comfort the old-fashioned way (although legible handwriting helps). Full care of life does the same by phone call.

Let go of your insides Cleanliness fanatic

How many local organizations Roots Young Adult Shelter During the pandemic, a large number of their volunteers lost their work – across the city, regular helpers had to be quarantined due to old age, take care of the family or otherwise take on normal voluntary shifts. ROOTS needs hands to take on regular cleaning shifts in their animal shelter in the university district. The one-day-a-week engagement is socially distant, but is badly needed for the dozen of young people they house each night.

Start the sew machine

Anyone familiar with a bobbin cut spool has been in the spotlight in 2020, and the city’s need for homemade face coverings is not waning anytime soon. King County accepts handcrafted masks through its Regional donation connection, and The center of the race hopes to give 5,000 of them to community members and can provide materials to manufacturers if needed. After all, Find the masks created a clickable map of places where donations could be used, such as dialysis centers and addiction centers. Every stitch helps.

Find your niche

Few events have ever affected us like the coronavirus. Almost every aspect of life is affected, especially damage (although the toilet paper industry is likely doing fine). That means almost every sector has funds to help their own, big and small, and all of them could use an infusion of cash. The disk fund has raised more than $ 7 million for struggling restaurant workers in King County Seattle Tip Jar was started by two former Zillow employees. The 50 year old ArtsFund created an emergency care that has already sent money to 80 different Seattle nonprofits while writer Ijeoma Oluo started the base Seattle Artist Relief Fund amid Covid-19 that raised over half a million dollars for the community she says has long cared for. Seattle Sounders FC Relief Fund helps businesses around CenturyLink while SWOP USA supports local sex workers. Whatever your passion, there is likely a fund for you.

Break into a (eat) Bank

In the course of the quarantine, local food banks were hit by a double blow of increased food insecurity and fewer volunteer workers. Log in to store shelves, direct traffic, or greet customers at your nearest outpost. Seattle Food Committee Cards 29 across town, and United Way lists those who specifically requested more hands on deck.

To do The thing they do

“Everyone has an opportunity to help the community,” said Liahann Bannerman, United Way of King County’s director of volunteering. “What’s the skill you can do remotely?” You may be writing, accounting, keeping records, or just reading videos to send to kids who need distraction. Anything can turn into a webinar or a virtual experience. Perhaps you could do mock interviews for high school seniors looking for jobs. Bannerman suggests inventorying your useful skills before reaching out to local groups or even staying near your home: “Be careful in your own neighborhood. Who haven’t you seen in a long time? Whose grass grew up? Really look at people. ”