Lake Union Houseboat For Sale Is Luxury Seattle Living For Half The Price

Lake Union Houseboat For Sale Is Luxury Seattle Living For Half The Price

The cost of housing in the city is so high that some condos and apartments cost anywhere from half a million to over a million dollars. An affordable option is this Lake Union houseboat for sale. The interior looks like an upscale and luxurious Seattle apartment, but for half the cost.

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The house is called “Frieden” and lives up to its name with its beautiful and modern interior.

It is located in the Northlake area and was built in 1987. However, you would never think that it is more than 30 decades old!

The floating house has been renovated inside with stainless steel appliances and modern elements. It has a loft bed, a bathroom and is 504 square meters.

It seems like the perfect size for a single person or couple who want to live this traditionally Seattle Lifestyle.

The floating Full of natural light and “glamor”, the residence offers both lake and mountain views and features some of the best sights in the world Pacific Northwest.

It has vaulted white wood ceilings, a modern stainless steel kitchen, and shades of gray with added wood details to warm it up a bit.

The house has one kind and open layout that is sometimes difficult to find in houseboats.

Plus, it has the perfect deck for hosting, a dock, and mooring for whatever watercraft you want to bring on board! Two words: jet ski.

And maybe the most relaxing part of it all? There is a large hot tub that is perfect for the lakeside retreat.

It is that best Way to live your best sea life.

The residence is in the Greelake and Ballard area, close to many shops. Restaurantsand activities that the north side of the city has to offer.

If this wasn’t the home of your dreams before, it certainly is special now with a $ 395,000 price bracket.

Peace houseboat

Price: $ 395,000

Address: 2401 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, WA

Description: This modern looking houseboat is half the price of a luxury Seattle apartment.

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