Live: Coronavirus daily news updates, January 23: What to know today about COVID-19 in the Seattle area, Washington state and the world

Live: Coronavirus daily news updates, January 23: What to know today about COVID-19 in the Seattle area, Washington state and the world

What to do if you think you qualify for a vaccine Our questions and answers outline the steps to take, from using the state’s online tool to what to do after your shot.

Washington state lawmakers are proposing a $ 2.2 billion aid package for COVID-19: Washington state lawmakers released a draft new COVID-19 relief bill Friday afternoon designed to encourage vaccine diffusion and contact tracing and help schools, tenants and small businesses with the pandemic.

The $ 2.2 billion move is funded largely by US dollars from the pandemic relief packages passed by Congress last spring and December. It also uses around $ 440 million from the state’s budget reserves.

State health officials open 4 mass vaccination sites in Washington::
Four mass vaccination sites for COVID-19 are expected to open next week in Clark, Benton, Chelan and Spokane counties, the State Department of Health (DOH) said Thursday. The announcement comes after Governor Jay Inslee expanded vaccination ratings and set a goal to vaccinate 45,000 people per day, averaging 15,500 doses per day.

The UK’s chief scientist says a new variant of the virus could be more deadly: There is evidence that a new coronavirus variant, first identified in the south-east of England, carries a higher risk of death than the original strain, the British government’s scientific adviser said on Friday – although he stressed the data are uncertain.

Biden orders stopgap as talks begin about a major relief plan: President Joe Biden said he would take executive action on Friday to provide a stopgap solution to financial relief for millions of Americans as Congress begins considering its much larger $ 1.9 trillion package to address the issue to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Seattle grocers could receive a $ 4 an hour pandemic surge: Seattle City Council cites the increased risk food workers faced during the coronavirus pandemic and seeks to give them a $ 4 an hour raise for the remainder of the pandemic. The legislation, which the council could vote on as early as Monday, would oblige large grocery stores to pay the additional wages to retail workers already covered by Seattle’s minimum wage law while the city is in a civil emergency due to the pandemic.

Redmond entrepreneurs accused of selling unauthorized coronavirus vaccine: A Redmond entrepreneur faces charges after allegedly marketing and administering an unauthorized coronavirus vaccine – even after receiving multiple warnings from state and federal officials to stop the U.S. Attorney’s office in Seattle.

Ohio Lawmaker Questioning Black Hygiene to Lead State Health Panel: A Republican lawmaker and doctor who questioned whether members of the “black population” were disproportionately ill with the coronavirus because of their hygiene has been criticized again by black lawmakers after his appointment as chairman of the Ohio Senate Health Committee.

British doctors are trying to review the 12-week gap between vaccine doses: A major UK medical group says the UK government should “urgently review” its decision to give people a second dose of Pfizer BioNTech coronavirus vaccine up to 12 weeks after the first dose, rather than that of the manufacturer and the World Health Organization.

According to the CDC, virus patients can be switched to a different vaccine for the 2nd dose in “exceptional cases”: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have tacitly changed their recommendations for coronavirus immunizations to allow patients in “exceptional situations” to switch approved vaccines between the first and second dose and to extend the interval between doses to six weeks, though these changes have not been investigated in large clinical studies.

U.S. coronavirus cases are declining, but variants could hurt progress: Public health experts compared the situation to a race between vaccination and the new variants of the virus – and the winner will see if the United States approaches a tipping point in the coronavirus battle that is now entering a second year.

The death toll from German viruses is over 50,000, even if infections are falling: The death toll from the coronavirus in Germany has exceeded 50,000, a number that has risen rapidly in recent weeks, although the number of infections is finally falling. Germany had a comparatively low number of deaths in the first phase of the pandemic and was able to lift many restrictions quickly.

Power struggle in Venezuela is hampering delivery of COVID vaccine: The socialist government of Nicolás Maduro and the US-backed opposition accuse each other of making policy proposals for funding United Nations vaccines – so far every option has been blocked.

Coronavirus policies are now the rule in the White House: While the Trump administration has been known to disregard safety recommendations, the Biden team has followed the same stringent guidelines that Americans must follow to contain the spread of the virus.

Greece will reopen high schools but will remain locked: Greek authorities say high schools will reopen on February 1st for the first time since mid-November, but nationwide lockdown measures remain in place. Greece has seen a sharp drop in pandemic deaths in recent weeks, but authorities say tight restrictions will remain in place over the winter.