Low-Stakes First Date Spots in Seattle

Low-Stakes First Date Spots in Seattle

Ah, the incomparable experience of a first date. A well-tried ritual of small talk, uncomfortable breaks and invented gestures in search of “the one” – or even a one-night stand. Depending on your worldview, first dates can be exhilarating or downright terrifying (or more often a healthy mix of both).

With so many potential pitfalls to avoid, deciding where to meet is a consideration that shouldn’t be neglected. A solid first date selection should consider many factors including, but not limited to, a relaxed ambience, inconspicuous lighting, balanced noise levels, a decent walking score, a variety of activities in case the conversation calms down, and of course, one tall drink menu. While good food helps, cheaper options are the preferred choice for many young singles on tighter budgets (and future swipes).

Here is a selection of the best Seattle first-time venues, from casual to leisurely to romantic, whether it’s your first time attending or next time.

Note: Map points are ordered geographically and are not ranked by preference. Is your favorite meeting point missing from the list on the first date? Show him some love in the comments, send an email, or start a forum thread in his honor.

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Note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.