Meat Supply Chain Shortages Cause Problems for Seattle Food Trucks

Meat Supply Chain Shortages Cause Problems for Seattle Food Trucks

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The strain on the meat supply chain is causing problems for Seattle Food Trucks

As meat processors across the country grapple with a spike in COVID-19 cases and subsequent closings, many are feeling the effects down the supply chain, including Seattle food trucks. Egg roll supplier Mami Tran, Filipino-American food truck Chick’n Fix, and Kirkland’s Asian fusion specialist The Box on Wheels all reported problems sourcing meat and other ingredients from their suppliers – and the cost of what’s available is down Risen 25 percent or more. Local food trucks faced many other troubles as early as the pandemic as business slowed to a crawl, only adding to more uncertainty about their businesses. “Some open food trucks had to close because they couldn’t get beef for their truck,” said Jonathan Amato, executive director of

Bar Ferdinand’s Chophouse Row Replacement is moving forward

Back in February, before COVID-19 hit the Seattle area hard, renowned chef Matt Dillon announced that his beloved wine destination, Bar Ferdinand on Chophouse Row, would be closing. Now the replacement comes into focus. Per Seattle Met, the new location will be called a wine bar Light sleeper and is set to open by midsummer, depending on how things go (Washington’s plan to reopen the economy should be nearing the final stage by then, but there are no guarantees). At the premiere, the bar will feature around 25 to 35 wines from smaller producers on the menu, all of which are available as glass, as well as a selection of cocktails and pizza from a wood-fired oven. The co-owners are also planning outdoor seating in the courtyard and offering supplies.

Brian Clevenger, West Seattle Chef, is hosting a virtual cooking class

Star chef Brian Clevenger – known for renowned Italian restaurants GH Pasta Co., Vendemmia, and the newer Haymaker in West Seattle – is running a virtual cooking class through a Bellevue-based startup called Zeacon designed to help local small businesses deliver boxes of their products. Those who want to join in can order a pasta box for delivery and then attend a zoom video session this Saturday at 7 p.m. where Clevenger guides the home cooks through the recipe for one of his famous spaghetti dishes. The whole thing costs around $ 80, and the proceeds go to Haymaker’s efforts to serve free meals to those suffering from food insecurity during the coronavirus crisis.

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