‘Ocean’s Eleven’ director Steven Soderbergh to shoot movie in Seattle, looking for extras

'Ocean's Eleven' director Steven Soderbergh to shoot movie in Seattle, looking for extras

The Oscar winner behind “Erin Brockovich”, “Traffic” and the “Ocean’s Eleven” series will be focusing on Seattle as early as next month.

Steven Soderbergh will be shooting his next film “KIMI” in the Emerald City. They won’t be pouring union-paid extras in Seattle, according to the casting director’s website.

In the film, Zoë Kravitz stars as “an agoraphobic technician who has to venture out of her home into the protest-filled streets of Seattle when she is suspected of having evidence of a violent crime.” According to the deadline, “Jane the Virgin” stars Jaime Camil and Byron Bowers will also be there. David Koepp, co-writer of the scripts for Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible and Spider-Man, wrote the script for KIMI.

The casting director’s website stressed that filming would follow COVID-19 protocols. Individuals over the age of 18 are encouraged to apply for a position that requires full-time commitments of $ 133.52 per 8 hours and overtime for more than 8 hours. Extras also receive $ 50 for a COVID-19 test and a link to complete COVID-19 security and training on the same day.

Soderbergh has never made a film in Seattle, but has been making films at a productive pace since 1989 when he made his debut with Sex, Lies and Videotape. In addition to the remake “Ocean’s Eleven” and subsequent sequels, he directed the almost forward-looking “Contagion”, the Oscar-winning “Traffic” and “Let Them All Talk”, his latest 2020 film.

And Steven, are you trying to include the PI globe in there, OK?