On the List | Capitol Hill Station celebration, Irish Wake for Lost Seattle Places, APRIL Book Expo


Photo by Don Wilson Capitol Hill Station 2016

What could be greener than a new $ 1.9 billion light rail expansion that offers thousands of people an alternative to driving every day? Celebrate the happiness of Seattle with us on Saturday The two parties to Sound Transit are separated by two miles of twin tunnels – and free rides all day between the celebrations:

We’re launching the U Link service with a free community celebration on March 19th
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stations and train journeys open at 10 a.m. Here is an example of what we have in stock at each station:

  • Self-guided tours of the University of Washington stations and Capitol Hill
  • A variety of live music including instrumental, jazz, rock and hip hop
  • Wave of the Future pavilions with games, photo booths and much more
  • Groceries available for purchase from your favorite local food truck
  • Farmers Market at Capitol Hill Station
  • Free commemorative items (while stocks last).

At Capitol Hill Station, DJ Riz Rollins and street musician Pasquale Santos, giant Jenga, a temporary tattoo parlor and a parade of the “Eurodance Party” (we don’t even know what that means!) Will have fun at Capitol Hill Station from 9am to 5pm . . You are invited to take a “self-guided” tour through the stations, enjoy some interpretation videos and get your hands on special memorial stars made from the wood of the large red building wall.

TO UPDATE! This only from Sound Transit. You may want to make sure you get to Capitol Hill Station by 10am for “confetti cannons” and a countdown Major Ed Murray.

How about a wake on Capitol Hill for St. Patrick’s? E Pikes Lovecitylove will host the night Irish Wake for Lost Places in Seattle::

Join us at LoveCityLove’s new location on E Pike and on March 14th from 6pm to midnight on March 17th for a jam-packed celebration with 19 readings, 3 musical performances, short films, an art exhibition, and Fremont Brewing Company beer!

In the meantime, Sunday brings the final day for the 2016 APRIL Literature Festival, the APRIL book exhibition at Hugo House:

Meet publishers and browse books from over 50 independent print shops. The first 20 participants will receive a free piece of APRIL Swag! The bar is open all day!

For more activities on and around Capitol Hill or your own activities, see the CHS calendar.

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