Search for Seattle School Board interim member begins after Eden Mack resigns

Dahlia Bazzaz

Seattle Times reporter

To fill the space vacated by Eden Mack’s resignation last week, the Seattle school board is now conducting a search for an interim board member – the second such search in the past two years.

The board of directors is taking motions by January 29 and plans to nominate someone for Mack’s seat by the end of March. Applicants must be registered voters in the District IV region – a part of the city that includes neighborhoods such as Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne.

Whoever appoints the school board will remain in office until the next scheduled school board election in November is complete, unless the person chooses and wins the seat.

School boards are known for high turnover rates here and across the country. Members often receive little to no salary and only have a handful of dedicated employees who drive their work.

The board currently has another interim member, Brandon Hersey, who was sworn in in Fall 2019 after his predecessor Betty Patu left mid-term in office. The term of office for his seat, which represents South Seattle, also expires in the fall. All other board members except Leslie Harris are serving their first terms.

In her declaration of resignation on Facebook, Mack campaigned for the members of the school council to receive full-time salaries and more employees.

“While our volunteer school board is well-intentioned with shared values, we are simply unable to oversee a $ 1 billion underfunded budget and hire / manage a superintendent to do this impossible job,” she wrote in their post.