Seattle Bars and Restaurants Selling Cocktail Kits Right Now

Seattle Bars and Restaurants Selling Cocktail Kits Right Now

After Washington relaxed alcohol laws that temporarily allowed all licensees to sell sealed bottles of liquor for takeaway or delivery, some Seattle establishments began selling home mixing kits. With the state unlikely to allow single-serve cocktails to be sold in the near future, this is a workaround to try and get as much sales as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The kits contain various ingredients for making cocktails, from the basic spirits to various accompanying flavors. Other places sell alcohol-free kits to sell some of the ingredients that are behind the bar.

The exact offerings often change as companies sell their supplies – and each kit must be paired with a grocery purchase, as per Washington’s revised rules. Below is a list of restaurants and bars that offer cocktail kits. If you know others or have noticed changes to the selection, send us a tip by email at [email protected]


This international street food eatery in Capitol Hill sells a handful of take-away cocktail kits, including palomas, old-fashioned, and bloody marys. Nue’s website has accompanying recipes and video instructions.

Bang Bang Kitchen

Othello’s New Mexican Restaurant sells its margarita blend alone or with a bottle of tequila.

Navy strength

The Tiki Bar in Belltown offers take-away kits for five of their cocktails, but doesn’t include alcohol. The bar offers the recipes, mixes, and side dishes for completion at home. Half of the proceeds go directly to the employees.

Rob roy

Navy Strength’s Belltown sibling bar offers roadside pickup kits, although the menu was still ready at this point. The kits contain spirits, bitter substances and various other ingredients.

I am paris

Located in the State Hotel Downtown, this restaurant sells a selection of take-away cocktail kits, including alcohol. The options range from original preparations to classics like Negroni and Bloody Mary.


The French-influenced Chophouse Row restaurant now sells bottled cocktail mixes for home preparation. You can be picked up at the snack window of the restaurant.

Triangular spirits

This Fremont neighborhood bar sells their favorite old-fashioned drink as a kit of Whistle Pig piggyback rye, as well as take away Bloody Mary kits. Chicken and waffles are part of the brunch for brunch fans.

Serendipity Cafe

Magnolia’s all-day cafe sells Hendricks gin and tonic kits. Menu items include sliders, nachos, and mezze plates.

The way

Fremont’s popular Mexican place now offers margarita kits in a variety of sizes. The largest costs 45 US dollars, contains one liter of lunazul tequila, and can make 12 to 16 drinks.

Lady Jaye

The smokehouse in West Seattle has an old-fashioned set with demerara syrup, bitter substances, maraschino cherries soaked with Luxardo, and a recipe card. According to the restaurant, the $ 60 package can make 15 cocktails.


Queen Anne’s revered gourmet restaurant sells a variety of kits, including mai-tai packs with dark rum from Plantation, curacao from Pierre Ferrand, orgeat, mint and orchid flowers.

Cure cocktail

The Capitol Hill spot near Cal Anderson Park sells ingredients for old-fashioned produce, including a bottle of whiskey and two free glasses. There is also a martini kit with a choice of vodka or gin, ice cream, vermouth, olives, bitters and martini glasses.

Tamari Bar

This Japan-influenced Capitol Hill nightlife now sells a variety of home cocktail kits, including ingredients – including alcohol – for making various highballs, a yuzu mimosa, and a Moscow mule. A “premium” ice cube can even be thrown in on request.

Rocket taco

This Capitol Hill taco shop sells margarita kits that contain the restaurant’s margarita mix from scratch. The kits can be picked up.


The Cajun-inspired Rainier Beach Bar sells classic cocktail kits for making beverages like Manhattans and Negronis, as well as a “Kit of the Moment” that changes occasionally. They can only be picked up.

Willmott’s ghost

The Italian restaurant in the Amazon spheres sells cocktail kits for Negronis, Moscow mules, daiquiris, martinis and more. Orders can be placed for collection by phone or email. Sibling restaurant The Whale Wins in Fremont also offers some kits, including vodka-soda, sazeracs, and aperol spritzers, as well as bespoke ones.


To complement its excellent Mexican cuisine, Ballard’s Gracia sells a margarita kit that includes the restaurant’s newly made sour mix, a bottle of tequila, limes, and salt.