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Seattle local business news and data - Architecture & Engineering

May 22, 2019

Tiscareno Associates











Seattle-based architecture firm Tiscareno Associates promoted Scott Glazebrook to Partner, Mark Stine to Associate Principal, Vince Hoss to Senior Associate, and Bill Barton, Kate Reef, Dane Anderson, Melissa Hansen and Stephanie Hahn-Wagner to Associate. George Hanna was also hired as lead project architect and Mackenzie Gilstrap as associate marketing manager.

Glazebrook leads transit-oriented and mixed-use projects. He was the head of concept design and project manager at Modera Redmond, a multi-family project. and Redmond Square, a mixed-use housing project. Stine designs medium-sized mixed apartment buildings and affordable housing projects and works in Redmond Square. Hoss specializes in medium-sized mixed-use projects and contributes to transport projects. He recently worked on projects for the Washington State Department of Transportation and Sound Transit, including the Bellevue Transit Center.

The Barton Project manages multi-tower, mixed-use developments for 50 acre master sites. He works on the mixed-use Acme and Pivot projects in Seattle. Reef carries out tenant improvement and renovation projects and supports the apartment building and commercial department. She is working on Modera Redmond. Anderson has helped improve retail tenants, multi-family and community projects. He’s working on the East Link Extension. Hansen leads the BIM development efforts with her modeling and engineering drawing skills. She works on Waterfront Place, a 5 acre redevelopment in Everett. Hahn-Wagner designs and manages affordable residential projects. She is working on The Main Apartments and Lofts, a mixed-use anchor for downtown Sumner.

Hanna designs technical centers and other transport projects. He leads the design of the 130th station in Bellevue for the Eastlink extension. Gilstrap manages and develops creative content for the company’s marketing channels and project activities. She also helps in business development, customer management and public relations.