Seattle food bank committed to not giving any canned goods

Seattle food bank committed to not giving any canned goods

John Wesley and Seattle BIPOC Organic Food Bank volunteers offer free organic produce to those in need. # k5evening

SEATTLE – Seattle has a healthier alternative food bank that supplies only organic food: the Seattle BIPOC Organic Food Bank found by John Wesley. He grew up in a family that would never leave people behind.

“I’ve worked for the church for most of my life. When I was a kid, my father was like driving us to the projects to feed people. He and my mother found a food bank that they belonged to in our local church. When I was 9 or 10 years old, it really runs in my blood, ”recalls John.

What sets it apart from any other food bank is its commitment not to give canned food to people.

BIPOC stands for Black Indigenous Persons of Color. “One of the big differences is the word organic. Everyone focuses on BIPOC. But we only serve organic food to people, ”explained John.

The Seattle Community Farm, vacated by the volunteers, doesn’t look like much now, but soon it will be feeding the community’s organic produce.

Currently, the BIPOC Organic Food Bank connects people in need directly to gardens and farms in the Seattle area. Danny Woo’s Community Garden in the International District is one of them.

“Danny Woo Community Garden is one of the first gardens that organizations have contacted us to see how they can help,” said John.

Not only the provision of food, but also the BIPOC food bank ensures well-being through art. Mari Shibuya is a Seattle based artist who volunteers with the Food Bank. She keeps the arts activities in the community.

“With art, we can really get fully involved in the community. So we’re going to paint little boards and then put them up here inside the fence,” said Mari as she cleared the Seattle community farm.

John Wesley isn’t just growing a garden – he and BIPOC volunteers are developing a way to truly feed people in need.

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