Seattle home to ramen food truck pop-up experience


20th October 2020

Hillman City, Seattle is home to Ramen Ramen, a new food truck pop-up taken from the Sam Choy’s Poke restaurant franchise.

The truck will be in the parking lot of the restaurant on Rainier Avenue, but will not have menu items overlapping with the Hawaiian restaurant, according to a report from Seattle Eater.

Ramen Ramen offers exactly what its name suggests – hot noodle soup. Sam Choy’s Poke co-founder Max Heigh and Executive Chef Scott Lutey have put together a menu of more than a few funky ramen soup items, including beef brisket and truffle crab.

It’s the latest makeover from Sam Choy’s mobile grocery store. The franchise’s three food trucks weren’t fully operational due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the news report, but are now part of a rotating popup approach.

“It’s a great use of our food trucks,” Heigh said in a statement to Seattle Eater. “For the past few months, they’ve been sitting behind the gate and couldn’t serve the community. Our pop-up food trucks can create more jobs for the industry and allow our group to expand theirs.” culinary influence in Hillman City. “