Seattle Ranks Among ‘Most Romantic Cities’ For Valentine’s Day

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WalletHub released its list of the most romantic and affordable cities to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week. Together, according to the report, Americans will spend $ 27.4 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts – from greeting cards to jewelry to an evening out, the average person will pay $ 196.31.

To determine where cities were on the list, WalletHub compared 100 of the largest U.S. cities based on 26 key metrics, from florists per capita to forecast rainfall to the cost of a three-course meal for two.

The budget values ​​were calculated based on the city’s median household income and included as the average cost of affordable meals and transportation. Activity scores were based on the number and variety of restaurants, attractions, and romantic hotels. The gift accessibility ranking was calculated based on the number of florists, jewelry stores, spas, chocolate stores, greeting card stores, and Google searches.

Despite a gloomy weather ranking, Washington finished 6th with a total of 71.07. The total Washington score was calculated by averaging scores in four other areas, including:

  • Budget rank: 6
  • Activities rank: 6
  • Gift access rank: 13
  • Weather forecast rank: 83

Seattle also ranks first for most chocolate shops per capita.

San Francisco, California was the most romantic and affordable city to celebrate Valentine’s Day, followed by New York City and San Diego, California. At the bottom of the list were cities like Hialeah, Florida, Newark, New Jersey, and San Bernardino, California.

Planning a date or shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts shouldn’t break the bank. Men tend to spend more money than women on Valentine’s Day, experts told WalletHub, but it is possible to show your affection for that special someone while staying smart about your finances.

Some experts recommend opting for the same bottle of wine you would buy at a restaurant and then planning a great meal at home – all for more than a third less than you would pay at the local restaurant. To make it even more special, dress like you’re going out.