See inside seven Seattle-area modern homes this weekend

See inside seven Seattle-area modern homes this weekend

From brand new buildings to sleek renovations, the Seattle Modern Architecture and Design Society will be taking a look at seven homes in Seattle for the last weekend in April.

The seventh annual self-guided tour includes houses from West Seattle to Ballard to Redmond and offers participants the opportunity to speak not only with architects but also with the owners and gain an insight into everyday life in the houses and buildings. It’s like opening houses for fun, but improving.

The tour takes place on Saturday, April 28th from 11am to 5pm, but here’s a little glimpse into the houses. If you’re interested, you can purchase tickets for $ 40 or $ 35 using the code CURBED18 here. (They jump to $ 50 a day.)

Here’s a preview of some of the standout features.

3511 Ashworth Avenue North by Cast Architecture

This modern Fremont cottage, designed by Cast Architecture, was built as a renovation and addition to a 1912 home for customers who wanted a modern home but wanted to be “good neighbors” of the small, mostly older houses in their area . The result is a minimalist home that takes on the basic silhouette of an older home – pitched roof and all – but maintains clean lines and functional spaces. The outstanding bathroom tiles were handcrafted by Popham Design in Morocco.

4004 Whitman Avenue North by Robert Hutchison Architecture

This Fremont freestanding unit (DADU) is 799 square feet – near the current maximum size for an ADU in Seattle. The open, airy space is two stories, but a bookcase-lined cathedral in a corner of the first floor gives the second floor a more lofty aesthetic.

4010 Whitman Avenue North by Robert Hutchison Architecture

Built next to the DADU, a 450 square meter art studio replaced a rat infested garage. Cantilever concrete and wood create plenty of space while using the original garage foundation.

Alcova architecture

8023 26th Avenue Northwest by Alcova Architecture

This modern four bedroom home in Ballard was built in 2015 and aims to make efficient use of both indoor and outdoor space. The garage doubles as the main deck. The front door falls onto a front patio deck hybrid. The roof terrace has a bio-retention cell for the treatment of rainwater and sun windows for a lower CO2 footprint.

Inside, the design makes use of interesting open staircases to maintain connections between public areas.

Clarity Northwest

2154 94th Avenue Northeast on Clyde Hill by Build Urban

Unlike many Seattle projects that use small space efficiently, this five-bedroom Clyde Hill project takes up a lot of space in over 7,000 square feet. It maintains ties to the wooded exterior using natural materials like a stone fireplace and lots of exposed wood. Plenty of space on the outdoor terrace includes a spacious terrace above and an atrium below.

Corrected this article to reflect the correct spelling of “Hutchison” and the correct 2018 ticket price.