The moving guide to Seattle

The moving guide to Seattle

So you are thinking of moving to Seattle? You’re not alone. While the recent tech boom brought more people to Seattle than ever before – our population has grown by about 100,000 people in the past decade – the Emerald City has always had an appeal. The Duwam tribe has made the region their home for about 10,000 years. More than a century ago some came to make their fortune in the gold rush. Whole communities grew out of the Boeing boom in the middle of the last century. A deeply rooted fishing culture has produced generations of Seat leaders.

There are many reasons to come here, but even more reasons to stay here. We can see so much of our landscape from the center of the city. No matter how dense our urban landscape is, we never forget our place as part of a larger, beautiful region. Despite incessant rumors of the “Seattle freezing” – sometimes an initial iciness among our locals, sometimes difficulty making lasting friends in the city – look carefully and you will find the people are kind of small town. Our temperate but humid climate is perfect for bringing everything from wild salmon to fresh greens to your plate.

Sure, it’s gray outside and our sports teams (despite Sounders and Storm) are notorious … not good. But these challenges form a community and we secretly love them. One day you find yourself on a cloudy hike, on a light rail train with other unconditional fans or shaking off your raincoat on your way to work knowing: you are home.

Until then, we’ve created a guide of everything you need to know about living in the Emerald City – an introduction to what Seattle has to offer and how to get the most of it, including finding the perfect neighborhood to live in. Everything you need to know about renting or buying, and what to do if you have problems with your new place. Put on the Gore-Tex and start exploring.