The wait for the big snow is almost over. Here’s the Seattle area’s latest weather forecast.

The wait for the big snow is almost over. Here’s the Seattle area’s latest weather forecast.

Seattle Times reporter

The wait for the big snow show that could leave more than a foot on the ground in Olympia and 4 to 6 inches in Seattle is almost over.

In areas in the South Sound, it can still lightly snow after the first snowfall during the day, according to Seattle’s National Weather Service. But for most of us, the main show starts around 4pm when the second, bigger snow event arrives.

Between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. there should be an increase in the amount accumulated on the ground, said weather service meteorologist Maddie Kristell, and the snow will continue to run throughout the night.

Happy Friday!

As promised, here is the Friday AM thread from the forecast counter:

Let’s start with a radar update! There are light showers of snow in the southern Sound early in the morning and last into the afternoon in areas south of King Co. #wawx

– NWS Seattle (@NWSSeattle) February 12, 2021

The two snow systems that are separated from the Pacific have moved north into the region, have fought against dry easterly winds on the march and lost momentum in the process.

That’s why Olympia and the surrounding area are already 4 to 5 inches to the ground while Seattle and the northern areas only have one dust.

However, the lack of serious buildup does not mean that the roads are not affected.

Cold weather tips

From cold weather

  • Find and insulate pipes that are most susceptible to freezing – usually near outside walls in crawl spaces or in the attic. Insulations made for this purpose are available in hardware stores.
  • Wrap the pipes in UL-approved heating tape.
  • Plug any leaks that allow cold air to enter the pipes.
  • Disconnect the garden hoses and shut off the water and drain it from the pipes that lead to the outside taps. This will reduce the chance of freezing in the short pipe span right in the house.

When the weather turns cold

  • At night, let cold water drip from the faucet farthest from the hot water tank.
  • Open the cabinet doors to allow more heat to enter uninsulated pipes under the sinks.
  • Make sure the heat stays on and don’t set it less than 55 degrees. If you plan to be away, have someone check the house daily to make sure the heater is still on.

When the pipes freeze

  • Make sure you and your family know how to turn off the water in case the pipes burst.
  • Never try to thaw a pipe with an open flame or torch.
  • Always be aware of possible electric shocks in and around standing water.
  • Call a plumber and see your insurance agent.

The Washington State Meteorological Service and Department of Transportation reported slippery roads, collisions, and black ice throughout the morning. The Seattle Department of Transportation reported that a King County subway bus got stuck on an icy street in downtown Seattle just before 7 a.m.

Those easterly winds could keep snow build-up near the Cascade Foothills down, but Seattle should see about 4 to 6 inches, Kristell said.

The maximum Friday temperature is projected to be 33 degrees, with temperatures through Sunday being colder than the average of 43.3 degrees.

There might be a couple of snow flurries on Sunday, but we’ll be back in our 40s on Monday, Kristell said.

“If we look at the temperatures now, it looks like our last hurray,” she said.

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