This Week in Seattle Food News: Communion Says Hello, Manu’s Bodega and Lecosho Say Goodbye, and Manolin Reopens with Bagels and Smoked Fish – Slog

Kristi Browns' much-anticipated Communion restaurant, which opens in the Central District this Saturday, serves Po Mis, a cross between a Po Boy and a Banh Mi.

Kristi Brown’s highly anticipated Communion restaurant, which opens this Saturday in the Central District, serves “po ‘mis,” a cross between a po’ boy and a banh mi. Community
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This week, Kristi Brown and Damon Bomar’s highly anticipated Seattle Soul Food Communion restaurant is finally opening in the Central District. Manolin reopens with a bagel and a pop-up of smoked fish, fried chicken from Cookie’s Country Chicken, and burgers and hot dogs from Burb’s Burgers. In addition, two popular restaurants are finally saying goodbye: Manus Bodega is permanently closed and Lecosho will follow at the end of the month. Read on for these and other important updates. You can find more ideas in our food and drink guide.


That Brown Girl Cooks’ chef Kristi Brown and her son and business partner Damon Bomar will finally open their much-anticipated “Communion Food” restaurant “Seattle” in the Central District tomorrow, December 5th. The fact that the restaurant and bar are on the former Liberty Bank site adds even more meaning to opening a black-owned business in a heavily gentrified neighborhood: the building housed the region’s first black-owned bank, opening in 1968 was established to provide financial support to Africans. American homeowners and countering racist housing segregation practices. Brown took inspiration for the menu from her food memories of the Central District and the Chinatown-International District. The menu includes grilled prawns and groats, chicken wings, berbere grilled chicken, Po ‘Mis (a combination of a Po’ Boy and a Banh Mi) with fried oyster mushrooms and catfish, as well as fried catfish “Hood Sushi”. There’s also a retail section with cocktails and Brown’s beloved black-eyed pea hummus for sale. Bomar runs the bar program and adds brunch as soon as dinner is available.
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