This Week in Seattle Food News: Three New Japanese Restaurants Have Opened, By Tae Leaves Chophouse Row, and Dick’s Is Coming To Bellevue – Slog

Capitol Hills' new Japanese BBQ area, Ishoni Yakiniku, serves home cooking like kimchi udon noodles with pork belly.

The new Ishoni Yakiniku Japanese BBQ area on Capitol Hill serves home-cooked meals like kimchi udon noodles with pork belly. Ishoni Yakiniku
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Seattle now has three new Japanese restaurants, including creative Izakaya Itsumono, Ishoni Yakiniku Japanese grill destination, and Kamakura Japanese Cuisine Fremont sushi bar. In addition, By Tae has left its Chophouse Row home and several exciting new restaurant openings are on the horizon, including a Dick’s Drive-In in Bellevue and a Cycle Dogs Restaurant in Ballard. Read on for more and more updates on the food world. You can find more ideas in our Food and drink guides.

Dough zone dumpling house
The fast-growing dumpling chain has been expanded to include a new location in the former Swiftwater Cellars room in downtown Bellevue and serves the signature juicy Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), Q-Bao (fat, fluffy, crispy pork buns that have been seared in a pan ). , Lacy pot stickers and other Chinese dishes. The chain has also closed its original Bellevue location within Crossroads.
Indoor pickup, delivery, or limited dining

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