West Seattle Blog… | Aegis Living of West Seattle: Welcoming a new WSB sponsor

West Seattle Blog… | Aegis Living of West Seattle: Welcoming a new WSB sponsor

Aegis Living from West Seattleis one of the newest WSB sponsors with a public opening ceremony this Saturday. They want you to know:

West Seattle has a new neighbor! Nestled on the west facing hill of the Admiral Way, Aegis Living from West Seattle The Assisted Living and Memory Preservation Community is now open, offering residents of aging areas a beautiful new home. Fresh colors, inventive accents, and beach design elements refer to the water-centric lifestyle in West Seattle and the restful serenity that comes from living near the ocean.

Aegis Living is a nationally recognized company that is known for its innovative offers in the area of ​​assisted living. Chairman Dwayne J. Clark (right) founded the company 21 years ago with a disruptive mindset to redefine the life experience for elderly people in need of care. This arose out of frustration with housing options for seniors and the poor standard of service in caring for his own mother. Aegis Living offers well-equipped, assisted living with the amenities of a five-star hotel, combined with excellent care from highly qualified and valued staff. Aegis lives in West Seattle offers 82 apartment-style units for those who can no longer live independently and for those with advanced memory loss. Innovative Life Enrichment ™ activities target the mind, body and spirit to keep seniors physically and mentally healthy. “The first-class environment makes every day a celebration and offers a wonderful backdrop for the excellent care and the sense of belonging of our warm and loving employees,” says Clark.

A “people first” company that recognizes that people are at the heart of its success, Aegis Living treats employees as family members, just as they regard residents as family. Aegis Living Rewards employees with outstanding perks and benefits, including the annual Dream Big giveaway, with a range of cash prizes. In 2017 Aegis Living one was named by Glassdoor Top 50 best employers – the first assisted living company to be placed on the national list of workplace tests. Aegis Living It currently operates 31 communities in Washington, California, and Nevada, with six under development.

Step out the front door of Aegis in West SeattleVisitors are greeted by the fresh blue and white color palette of a relaxed, chic holiday villa. The dramatic two-story entrance hall features hand-blown glass chandeliers and decor inspired by the sparkling blue waters of the ocean. Quirky features include a submarine aquarium with portholes for watching tropical fish and a real tug in the large courtyard – named after Dwayne Clark’s mother-in-law and longtime resident of West Seattle Norene Ott. A theater and sports cave allow residents to enjoy both cultural activities and cheer their favorite team in style. A spa, hair salon, and barber shop keep residents looking good. Multiple raised decks – including one on the roof – and a large outdoor courtyard provide plenty of space to soak up the fresh air and views.

For more information or to plan a tour, visit aegisliving.com/aegis-of-west-seattle.

BIG OPENING: Local residents are invited to tour 4700 SW Admiral Way on Saturday 25 August from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and enjoy the opening celebrations. Valet parking provided. Enjoy fruit drinks, fresh Northwest seafood and desserts. The music includes tropical style rock and a Caribbean steel band. The sweepstakes include original artwork painted on site by local artists Beth Goodman. actress Loni Anderson of WKRP in Cincinnati will be signing autographs to help sever the ribbon marking the official opening.

We thank Aegis Living from West Seattle for sponsoring independent, community-owned neighborhood news through WSB; Here you can find our current team of sponsors in directory format. Information on joining the team can be found here.