West Seattle Blog… | BIZNOTE: Ezell’s Famous Chicken eyeing West Seattle site, permit records show


The AT & T. The business in California / Fauntleroy is according to the Commercial MLS Website (the store is still open). City records indicate that a new tenant has been found – Ezell’s famous chicken, the Seattle-based fried chicken chain with a national reputation. The plan is listed on a permit renewal application filed on Friday. We found it when we routinely researched online city records.

The fried chicken scene in West Seattle has changed in recent years – KFC Closed in 2018 at the point that now applies Habit burgerwhile Harry’s Chicken Joint in 2019 keep out of the room now HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Café. But Ma’ono gets going strong, and chicken fans who don’t mind driving a few miles south to the White Center have a choice Popeyes, Bok-a-Bok, or KFC.

However, Ezell’s is considered the royalty for fried chicken – a 36-year-old company with legions of fans, including famously Oprah Winfrey. They have grown to 16 locations as distant as Spokane and Tigard, Oregon; The closest to West Seattle are in the Central District and Rainier Valley (farther than before, with the bridge out).

The corner room at Morgan Junction was built as the old one West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) was rebuilt after the 1997 fire. Its original tenant was a Starbucks Cafe – a food service concept that the company eventually abandoned – that lasted only a year and closed in early 2000 Tully’s coffee shopping a few months later; That took a decade, and cell phone retailing followed suit.

Again, this is an early filing – occasionally these fail, so don’t count your (fried) chicken until it has hatched as the saying goes. We have a message to an Ezell spokesperson for comment on the status and schedule.