West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: Friday 1/29/2021 roundup

West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: Tuesday 11/24 roundup

It has been 48 weeks since King County’s first COVID-19 case was announced on Friday evening. Here are today’s updates:

SITUATION REPORT: The state’s regular “situation report” has come out and contains some encouraging news. Here are the headings:

* The declining COVID-19 transmission offers the possibility of bringing case and hospital stay rates under control before the faster spreading variant B.1.1.7 prevails in the state.

* The number of cases dropped sharply after the first week of January.

* Fall rates are still high across the state but are moving in the right direction.

* Many counties saw a sharp drop in case numbers after the first week of January and returned to levels from early to mid-November.

* The total number of hospital admissions fell at a high level from the end of November, with a slight decrease from mid-January.

The full report is here; The press release summarizing it is here.

KING COUNTY NUMBERS: Of the Healthcare Daily summary page, cumulative totals:

* 76,345 people tested positive, 663 more than yesterday

* 1,249 people have died, 7 more than yesterday

* 4,771 people were hospitalized, 7 more than yesterday

* 826,565 people were tested, 3,755 more than yesterday

And from the COVID vaccination among King County residents Dashboard, our weekly check:

* 181,108 people received a dose

* 37,984 people received both doses

* King County allocated 232,350 doses

A week ago the first four sums were 73,801 / 1,214 / 4,683 / 810,109 and the vaccination sums were 126,474 / 21,910 / 214,425.

STATE NUMBERS: See them here.

WORLDWIDE FIGURES: 102 million cases, more than 2,206,000 deaths – see nation to nation numbers here.

WEST SEATTLE VAX CLINIC – EVENTUALLY: In her weekly newsletter, Member of the West Seattle / South Park City Council Lisa Herbold writes:

A couple of weeks ago, I informed you that the Seattle Fire Department has started COVID vaccinations, starting with mobile teams that will vaccinate up to 1,000 residents and staff from adult family homes and some permanent supportive dormitories. I explained that the city has the infrastructure to quickly convert at least one of the existing COVID test sites into a mass vaccination site. We do not have access to the necessary vaccine supplies. I’ve heard from many of you who want to know what to expect from West Seattle as the West Seattle Bridge has closed and access to lower level bridges continues to be restricted and the detour routes off the peninsula are severely congested.

This week I received confirmation from the Mayor’s Office that the city plans to set up a vaccination site in West Seattle as part of its general testing strategy. I will meet with the mayor’s office next week to learn more about their plans. The timing depends on when there is an adequate supply of vaccines. Vaccines have limited availability, and the number and timing of doses Seattle receives is determined by the state and federal government. I know there is a lot of interest in helping vaccination sites in West Seattle and I will keep you updated on these plans as I learn more and continue to advocate local vaccination.

2 COUNTY CLINICS: King County opens registrations for new vaccination clinics in Kent and Auburn at 8:00 am on Saturday, but says they are only for “South King County residents who are 1) 75 years or older, or 2) 50 years or older and unable to live independently or with loved ones and take care of them OR 3) take care of (paid or unpaid) people over 50 who cannot live independently. “

VACCINATION CEREMONY: Aegis Living-West Seattle According to 95 percent of residents and over 75 percent of employees are vaccinated. Last Tuesday, the Memory Care Faculty hosted a Cupid Clinic. Aegis sent photos, including this one of residents Albertha Dorseyand quoted her as saying, “I feel blessed and I feel protected. I look forward to the day when my children can feel just as protected as I do. “

Awgis has planned two more clinics “so that we can get closer to 100% for both population groups”.

PCC AGAINST RISK PAYMENT: Vaccination should be the focus of the city, not compensation. PCCThe CEO said in a letter to the mayor that she would sign the $ 4 bill and that it would go into effect next week.

BRIEFING OF THE COUNTY HEALTH OFFICER: DR. Jeff Duchin delivered his weekly video briefing – see here.

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