West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: Saturday 1/16/21 roundup, including our weekly West Seattle trend check

West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: Tuesday 11/24 roundup

In the middle of the weekend, here are the pandemic toplines:

LATEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: First, the cumulative sums of HealthcareDaily summary dashboard:

* 72,274 people tested positive, 1,043 more than yesterday

* 1,188 people have died, 8 more than yesterday

* 4,665 people were hospitalized, 99 more than yesterday

* 790,996 people were tested, 2,922 more than yesterday

A week ago this was 67,945 / 1,140 / 4,397 / 771,203.

WEST SEATTLE TRENDS: Here’s our weekly review of these stats, showing the numbers in two-week increments from the Geography Over Time tab on the Dashboard with the Daily Summary, combining the totals from the Health Reporting Areas (HRAs) of West Seattle and Delridge will. 271 positive test results in the last two weeks; 220 in the 2 weeks before; 422 in the two weeks before. … We also record the total number of WS deaths each week. The HRAs count more accurately than the zip codes previously used, as two of the five West Seattle zip codes also extend outside the area. The total number of deaths throughout the pandemic in the two HRAs in West Seattle: 51, as it was a week ago.

STATE NUMBERS: See them here.

WORLDWIDE FIGURES: 94.4 million people tested positive and more than 2,022,000 million people have died; Deaths in the U.S. top 395,000. Most cases: USA, India, Brazil, Russia, UK (like last week). See the breakdown from nation to nation here.

MORE THAN A MORATORIO? An eviction moratorium continues. But the rent will be due at some point. The Seattle Renters Commission supports a movement to do more – a movement to push for rent and mortgage cancellation.

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