West Seattle Blog… | HELPING: West Seattle Food Bank gets big gift thanks to TV personality John Oliver – and marbles


Thank’s for the Tipps! The Youtube Video above is the championship round of 2020 Marble Leaguethat has been played online in the past two months. TV personality John Oliver – who host “Last Week Tonight” on HBO – sponsored the season. This enabled large donations to non-profit organizations as “race win” – and today on behalf of the race winner (we won’t spoil it for you if it’s on your watch list) West Seattle Food Bank was announced as a recipient of a donation of $ 5,000. You can see the (short) announcement at 3:07 p.m. in the video.

You may remember the WSFB has cranked celebrities up before – for example, in 2016 we covered a big night for the grocery bank during one Bruce Springsteen Concert, with fans donating Eddie Vedder (who sang with The Boss). And you can always help the grocery bank – via this link.

MONDAY PS We asked the WSFB if ​​there was a backstory about how they were selected – but it’s a mystery. (We will see if we can find a contact person for the generous team.)