West Seattle Blog… | UPDATE: Police search in Highland Park


3:03 pm: Thank’s for the Tipps. The Guardian One helicopter assists the police in finding a suspect. We are still trying to find out details but the police confirm it is an attack. It happened near 6th and Kenyon. A victim is taken to the hospital. More details as soon as we receive them.

3:16 pm: As mentioned in the comments, K-9 also helps with the search. They also extend the search east to West Marginal Way in case the attacker escapes through the green belt.

3:31 pm: A little more info from the police – who call this an “attack on domestic violence”. We don’t have a description, but will go through the archived audio to see if any was previously over the air.

4:13 pm: They are still looking. Here is the description from archived audio: Hispanic Man, 20s, 6 ′, medium height, “full tattoo sleeve” on one arm, blue shirt with a crew neck, light brown shorts.

4:25 pm: Just in case you’re wondering – Guardian One leaves, but the suspect remains at large.

7:20 pm: We report on the HPAC meeting where Southwest Precinct Lt. Chris Johnson I just said they know who the suspect is and “there are a lot of people out there looking for him.” The suspect was arrested for a crime against the same victim, released from prison and attacked the same victim again.