West Seattle Blog… | UPDATE: Shooting at 30th/Roxbury

West Seattle Blog… | UPDATE: Shooting at 30th/Roxbury

(Added: WSB photo)

7:22 pm: A Seattle Fire response to “Scenes of Violence” comes after a report of gunfire at 30th / Roxbury, possibly from a drive-by shooting that also damaged cars. A person is reported as injured. The Guardian One Helicopter can join the search. There’s more to come.

7:29 pm: While the SPD and SFD are helping, most of it is unfolding on the county side of Roxbury. The previous description of the vehicle: Black Charger, last seen south on the 30th. Guardian One arrives in the area.

7:39 pm: The MPs told the dispatch that witnesses said two more people had been shot but left the scene to go straight to a hospital. The victim who was on the scene when SFD medics arrived is being taken to Harborview. … At the scene of the crime, we are only told that the victim is male. In the meantime, Guardian One has moved on as the Sagittarius is believed to have been gone for a long time.

(Added: WSB photo – Van’s broken glass comes from the window being shot out)

8 pm: The MEPs tell us that all of this happened at the gas station. We check the victim’s condition. I haven’t heard from any other possible victims. Crime scene traffic is back to normal after the initially sizeable SFD response disappears.

8:19 pm: SFD spokesman David Corps tells WSB that the victim, who was hospitalized by her medics, is 18 years old and was transported in stable condition.