West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Convicted killer charged in attack; plus, three reader reports


Four West Seattle Crime Watch reports today:

ATTACK FEE: A convicted killer is back in jail accused of assaulting a 73-year-old man in West Seattle. We didn’t hear about this incident when it happened, but we learned about the prosecution: Court documents say the victim was walking with his wife near the 35th and Morgan last Wednesday morning as a 42-year-old Lonnie W. Jones hit him unprovoked, knocked him down and sent him to the hospital. Police found Jones nearby and learned he had been in the area for a while West Seattle Food Bank earlier in the morning. According to the indictment, Jones was convicted of the murder of a man during a robbery in Federal Way in 1996. Court records show he was released in 2013 and found guilty the next year of assaulting his wife during a fight in her sister’s highlands in the park apartment. His security deposit is $ 100,000.

Three reader reports:

VANDALISM: West Seattle Senior Citizens Center chief Executive Officer Amy Lee Derenthal tells WSB that a window on the second floor was broken by someone overnight. “Looks like maybe a wine bottle was used because there’s a broken one on the sidewalk under the window,” she added.

PACKAGE THIEF ON VIDEO: Soren sent the clip and report:

I’m only reaching for a package theft (on the 4800 block of) 26th Ave SW. I received a call from a neighbor right after the call. The footage from the camera is very clear. Unfortunately no license plate is visible.

Mail theft: Of Philippe::

I wanted to report that our and our neighbors’ mailboxes in Delridge & Trenton had been broken into sometime from Saturday afternoon to Sunday early afternoon. All mailboxes for us and the neighbors have been opened. I’m not sure the thieves got away with anything. A neighbor also reported Monday that some of these boxes were reopened.

Everyone should, if they can, remove their emails as soon as possible after delivery to be on the safe side.