West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Early-morning burglary; 2 gunfire reports


in the West Seattle Crime Watch::

Early morning break-in: Erin says this happened just before 5:30 a.m. today:

Two people tried to break into our house again today. This time we were at home. We hid in our 5 year old son’s room and called the police. It only took 7 minutes for the police to arrive.

It was terrifying. They attempted to enter in the same way as before, by climbing up the drain pipe and gaining access to the facade. They also tried to break the glass on our front door.

We are located in the new steel building on Delridge between Puget and Brandon. Behind the old cafe. A friendly, local, unhoused person yelled at them before the police arrived and provided the police with a description.

2 GUNFIRE REPORTS: We don’t have full details on either incident, but a copywriter posted this video from the first before 9pm on the 32nd SW and SW Andover:

Incident # is 21-024607. The second was reported very early this morning in the 7100 block of the 18th SW; We heard a police radio discussion of responding to multiple 911 calls from people who believed they heard gunshots, but no evidence until the call surfaced as classified “drive-by shooting”, Incident #. 21-024757. No injuries were reported in either incident.