West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation after what police say was ‘road rage’

West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation after what police say was ‘road rage’

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2:43 pm: Thank’s for the Tipps. Police are investigating the shooting in the 42nd southwest between Edmunds and Hudson around a quarter to 1 p.m. A reader says a vehicle was hit. A local resident tells us that there was some sort of argument between two men before the exchange of fire. The shooter got into a car and left. The archived police radio portfolios contain a description of the shooter as a black man in his twenties, about six feet tall, thin, in a yellow vest or jacket and red pants, who got into a black four-door sedan, possibly a Hyundai, and headed south on the 42nd left. The officials informed the dispatch department that they had found ten cases with a caliber of 0.40. We’re still tracking more information and will add whatever we find out.

9:31 pm: Only from the police, their preliminary summary, which includes new information:

Officers responded to a gunshot call near 42 AV SW and SW Edmunds St regarding male shooting at a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers found several shell casings in 42 AV SW south of SW Edmunds St. The victim’s vehicle was located further south on 42 AV SW and SW Dawson St. During the course of the investigation, it was determined that this was a street rage incident . The driver of the silver limousine, who initially denied having been involved in the incident, later told officers he was honking the suspect who was walking on the street. Responding to being honored, the suspect slapped his hand on the hood of the silver sedan. The driver got out and confronted the suspect. Some heated words were exchanged between the two parties. When the suspect decided to leave, the driver picked up a stone and threw it at the suspect. More words were exchanged and the suspect tried to leave. The driver then followed the suspect on foot. At that moment, the suspect pulled out a pistol and fired several shots in the direction of the driver. There were 10 cartridge cases at the crime scene. The suspect was not located at the time of this incident.